How to use the Shot & More Camera Mode in Galaxy Alpha?

Last Update date : 2014.09.11

Please see the guide below:


1. When using the Camera, tap on MODE, and then tap Shot & more

2. The device takes a series of photos and displays the available shooting modes.

3. Select a shooting mode among Best photo, Best face, Eraser, Drama shot,

    Panning shot and apply an effect to the photos.


shooting modes 


Best photo take a series of photos, and then save the best one. To view other photos in

the series, scroll left or right. The device recommends the best photo using this icon: best photo 


Best face take multiple group shots at the same time and combine them to create the

best possible image. Tap the white frame on each face and choose the best individual pose

 for each subject from the poses that appear at the bottom of the screen. Then, merge the

images into a single photo. The device recommends the best photo using this icon: best face 


Eraser mode erase moving objects in the background.

Tap  erase to erase moving objects.  

Tap  restore to restore the original photo.


Drama take a series of photos and combine them to create an image that shows motion trails.


Panning shot apply an effect to the subject’s background that makes the subject appear to be

moving fast. Tap Object to select an area where you do not want to apply the effect. Tap

Motion blur to change the angle of blurring to apply to the background. Tap panning and draw a circle

with your finger around the large circle to adjust the angle of blurring. To adjust the level of

background blurring, tap Angle and drag the bar left or right.


4. Alternatively, on the images you have taken by Shot&More mode, you can apply effect

through accessing the Gallery. If a picture displays a Shot&More icons, tap the Modify images

icon.  modify image 


5. The available shooting modes are displayed, select the desired effect and then save.


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