What is Power Saving Mode and How do I use it with Galaxy Alpha?

Last Update date : 2014.09.14


Power Saving mode minimizes battery usage to extend battery life and

there are two types:


Power saving mode and Ultra power saving mode.


Power saving mode: Activate power-saving mode and change the settings

for power saving mode.

Ultra power saving mode: Extend standby time and reduce battery consumption

by displaying a simpler layout and allowing limited access to an app.



How do I use the Power Saving mode ?


1. Tap and hold on the indicator bar, and then drag down the status bar from the

top of the screen using two fingers and tap Power saving.


2. Tap Power saving mode and then tap OK. If Power saving mode is enabled, 

it will help save battery power by limiting the device’s functions.





Alternatively, in the Settings area , you can activate the Power saving mode and set the details.


1. In the Settings area, scroll down to “System” settings, then tap on Power saving mode.

    select power saving mode 

2. Tap on Power saving mode


3. Scroll the Power saving mode switch to the right.




    If you activate Power saving mode, be able to restrict the performance, background data

    and device colour.


    Restrict background data option set the device to prevent apps that are running in the

    background from using a  mobile  data connection. 

    Restrict performance option: set the device to limit resources, such as reducing the

    display’s     brightness or turning off vibration when keys are touched. To save more

    battery power, enable at least one relevant function .

    Grey scale mode option: set the device to display all colors as grey tones.


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