When I charge my new device with the charger that was supplied with my old device, the device is not charging properly. Is my device faulty?

Last Update date : 2014.09.29


Your device is not faulty.


     Please use the Samsung–approved charger supplied with your new

     device package.


     If you use the charger supplied with your old device, that charger may

     not provide enough power for your new device to charge the battery effectively.


     Your new device might take longer to fully charge the battery than expected

     or even not charge the battery at all.


     This is because although the initial external appearance may indicate that

     your old charger may be compatible with your new device, the old charger

     may not supply the required Current (rated in Amperes or “A”  to enable your

     new device to charge the battery.


     Your device needs to be used with the charger that provides the output

     current it requires.





requires  a charger that supplies

Galaxy S2



Galaxy S3


1.0 A

Galaxy S4


2.0 A

Note 2


2.0 A

Tab2 10.1

GT- N8000

2.5 A




    The Output current value of charger can normally be found on the label

    attached to the charger.


    However to ensure best performance when charging your battery, please

    use the charger supplied with your device.


    travel adapter 




    If your device is still not charging properly, please take the device, battery,

    and the charger supplied with the device to an authorized Samsung Service

    Center in the near area.


     In addition, only ever use Samsung-approved chargers

     and batteries with your device.


     Unapproved chargers or cables can cause the battery

     to explode or damage the device.


     Any damage caused by misuse is not covered by warranty.



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