How do I stream music from a computer to my Samsung TV?

Last Update date : 2012.09.19


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    TVs that have the Allshare/DLNA feature have the ability to stream content stored on your computer to the TV. This allows you to access your media without having to connect any additional devices to the TV. For Example: You have all your digital music stored on the computer in your office but you want to listen to music in the living room where the TV is. With Allshare/DLNA you can access the media files on your computer through your home network.




- AllShare/DLNA Compatible TV

- Home Network

- Compatible Media (mp3 files)

- Computer configured for Sharing

- DLNA compatible software



Before streaming media, confirm if the following are satisfied:


- Your TV is connected to your home Network

- Your computer is connected to your home network and set up to share

- You are running DLNA compliant software (ex. AllShare, WMP 11/12, etc)

- Your media is stored on your computer locally and is a supported media type.


Accessing your content.


1. With the computer and TV powered on, press the Smart Hub Button.   img11.gif


2. Select AllShare icon img12.gif  and press Enter.


3. The AllShare menu will display devices on your home network, select the device that you would like to stream media from , and then press ENTER.




4. Use the directional arrows to select the Change Media/Device icon on the top of the screen.




5.  Use the left (img15.gif) and right (img16.gif) arrows to select Music and the Up (img17.gif) or Down (img18.gif) arrow buttons to select the device. Confirm you have selected the desired computer with the stored media.




6. You can now search through the shared folders on the PC to find the music you would like to listen to. Once you have selected , the media playback will commence.






Note: During playback you can select a new song at anytime, change the playback mode (Repeat or Shuffle), Pause, Sound modes, or return to the main Music folder.




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