[How-to Guides] How to change the filters of Samsung Dishwasher?

Last Update date : 2017.03.07

STEP1. Filter parts



For your convenience, we have placed the drain pump and filtering system within easy reach inside the tub. There are three components of the filtering system: the main filter, the coarse filter, and the fine filter.


a) Main filter: Food and soil particles trapped by this filter are pulverized by a special jet on the lower spray arm and washed down the drain.


b) Coarse filter: Larger items, such as pieces of bone or glass, that could clog the drain are trapped in the coarse filter. To remove an item caught in this filter, gently squeeze the tabs on top of this filter and lift it out.


c) Fine filter: This filter holds soil and food residue in the sump area and prevents it to redeposit on the dishes during a cycle.


Note: Do not put the fine filter upside down.

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