[How-to Guides] [Galaxy S8/S8+] Why when trying to write Email after activating DeX mode with Galaxy S8/S8+, drag or double click functions by connected mouse do not work properly, even not in DeX mode, sometimes cursor does not move when touching the input area?

Last Update date : 2017.06.06

STEP1. Open Playstore.

Samsung is aware of this symptom and this symptom may occur on S8/S8+ that the latest version
Chrome (V58) is installed.

( Note: Google Chrome browser is in charge of parts related to HTML on Email application)


Regarding this, Google will release improved next Chrome Browser version to resolve these symptoms.


Samsung is committed to providing the best possible mobile experience to customers.


Temporarily before releasing of improved Chrome version, if you uninstall the current Chrome you can use all functions of Email again normally. For this, search for the Chrome browser on Play Store and uninstall it.


After then, preloaded Chrome version is activated and the issue will be disappeared.






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