Installing Smart Switch on BlackBerry®

※ The methods for installing Smart Switch on BlackBerry® 7 OS and 10 OS are different. Please check your smartphone's OS before installing.

1. Installing Smart Switch on BlackBerry® 7 OS

  1. Access this page from your BlackBerry® 7 OS device's browser and tap the “Download for 7 OS” button or enter the address below.

    Download for 7 OS

  2. When the installation file is downloaded from the browser, Smart Switch will be automatically installed.
    1 Step
    Input download address in BlackBerry web brower
    2 Step
    Tap download button
    3 Step
    Smart Switch is under downloading

2. Installing Smart Switch on BlackBerry® 10 OS

※ This installation method only applies to Windows PCs with Windows 7 or higher.

  1. Connect your BlackBerry® 10 OS device to a PC using a USB cable.
    ※ The PC must have the BlackBerry® device driver installed.
    ※ Make sure that the device and PC are properly connected and recognised by each other.
  2. Access this page from the PC's browser and click the “Download for 10 OS” button to download the installation file.

    Download for 10 OS

  3. Run the downloaded “SmartSwitchInstaller. exe” file.
  4. Click the “Start installing” button to start installing Smart Switch on your BlackBerry® 10 OS device.