What is Samsung Smart TV?

It's pretty simple – and it’ll change your life. Because a Samsung Smart TV connects to the internet, you get all the scheduled programmes you would expect, but you also get access to a world of extra TV and entertainment options – catch-up TV, movies, YouTube, Skype and loads more.

Better yet, you don’t need a set-top box, extra remotes or cables flying everywhere and tripping you up. It’s simply your TV, evolved.

Check out all you need to know about Smart TV by downloading our simple guide below.

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Apps for everyone

Whether it's fashion or fishing that floats your boat, our Smart TVs have apps that offer content for every member of the family. With Samsung, you're not locked into expensive contracts so there are no bundles to buy, it’s simply a question of choosing the right apps for you.

Looking for inspiration? We’ve grouped some together to show you the sort of thing we mean:

TV Junkie

All the catch-up TV services you could ever want.

Who's it for?

For people who don't have time to tune in live, terrestrial style. (Let’s face it, who does these days?)

What's on it?

The Big Screen

The latest releases on Samsung's superb, best-in-class screen. And all in the comfort of your own home so you can pass the popcorn or crunch your crisps as loudly as you like.

Who's it for?

For all you movie buffs - young, old and in-between.

What's on it?

All Ears

Turn up the volume with the latest music streaming services.

Who's it for?

Whether you're a closet rapper or a quiet toe tapper, all the music you could ever want is waiting here for you.

What's on it?

Pennies From Heaven

All the excitement of a theatre performance or sport showdown in the comfort of your own home – for peanuts.

Who's it for?

Baby makers to holiday savers. A smart move for anyone trying to save money.

What's on it?

For All the Family

Stuck for what to do when you finally get them all together?

Look no further!

Who's it for?

Mum, Dad, the kids, gran and gramps too.

What's on it?

Benefits of switching

If you've already got a set-top box, chances are you're also subscribing to a bunch of channels you never quite get time to enjoy.

Rather than pay through the nose every month, why not just lose the extra clutter, keep the choice and pay for what you use?

Your Smart TV already has Freeview and other great apps built in. There's plenty to choose from if you just fancy channel hopping.

There’s no need to subscribe unless it’s to something you really want. And even then, many subscriptions come in a lot cheaper.

Less clutter. It’s all driven through your TV and wireless internet. There’s no extra boxes in the way, wires to trip over or multiple remotes to lose.

What we're saying is, here's a chance to ditch some costly monthly bills and make your own package Rent, buy, subscribe and unsubscribe to whatever you want.

Do what's best for you, on a budget you choose.