African Citizenship

Samsung's citizenship efforts in Africa encompass a broad range of areas that touch people's lives, including social contribution, sports and recreation, employee volunteer programs, education and academia, environmental protection, and business offering alignment.

African Citizenship
This page offers just a glimpse of the many ways that Samsung acts as a responsible citizen

Our Social Contribution theme includes two key programs viz products donation especially to Children’s homes in South Africa, with expansion plans for the rest of the continent. Through the program we are donating the most required technologies including TVs, Fridges, Blue-Ray players, Camcorders, ACs and other equipment that makes a lot of difference in these children’s lives. We have been donating products in the last two years and will continue to do so, reaching as many charities as possible.

Sports and Recreation constitute a bigger portion of our CSR programs in Africa. We believe that healthy bodies carry healthy minds, thus setting the scene for healthy lifestyles, especially with young people who make up a bigger slice of the population. We continue to support premier sporting activities at continental and national levels. We sponsor the Confederation for African Football (CAF), which includes the Africa Youth Championship and the Africa Cup of Nations (ACN). We also sponsor the International Association of Athletics Federation (IAAF), the Ethiopia Athletes Federation, Zambia Olympics Youth Development Centre and the African Athletics Confederation (AAC).

Through our Employee Volunteer Program, Samsung staff get an opportunity to give back to their communities and connect with our market and consumers. Our most recent volunteer initiatives include Free Service and repairs of Samsung products, donation of medical equipment, free medical consultation with Samsung medical staff, environmental activities, feeding hungry children and many various other activities. We will continue more volunteer programs in 2011 moving forward, especially as we commence roll-out of education programs.

Samsung School-based Internet Labs is our educational program targeting K-12 learners initially in 5 countries in Africa.  The program will enhance learning and teaching through deployment of educational technology infrastructure- Interactive Whiteboard, Notebooks, printers and other devices.  To deliver the program effectively, the labs will have connectivity for internet access, teachers trained to integrate ICTs into the curriculum and curriculum (content) sourced through partners.

The Samsung Electronics Engineer Academy program seeks to produce 10 000 engineers in 5 years period with top notch skills in electronics engineering.  The program targets Grades 10-12 learners from neighboring Technical High Schools.  The Academy also acts as a training facility for the Samsung Service technicians.

To become a true African Corporate Citizen, Samsung Africa pursues two initiatives - Research and Development and Content Development in partnership with Institutions of Higher Learning. This is aimed at ensuring thought leadership in future product planning and design and differentiation. A relationship with Universities, especially the developer community, raises awareness of our brand and the positive impact of our offerings to consumers, customers, partners and communities at large. Through these programs and partnerships Samsung in Africa will leave up to its slogan of ‘Built in Africa for Africa by Africans’. This means that our products and services will start responding to felt needs and demands of Africa.

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