• With a goal to develop 10000 ELECTRONICS ENGINEERS ACROSS AFRICA BY 2015, we have developed the Samsung Electronics Engineering Academy to provide hands-on, vocational skills training for grade 10 - 12 students.

    Upon completion of the program, students earn themselves an opportunity for an internship in other countries like South Africa, with some going on to spend a full year working and learning at Samsung’s headquarters in South Korea.

  • We know that success in Africa requires committing to help create the market and infrastructure around it- not just entering it. That’s why our vision for the continent is:

    To develop products and programmes that are built in Africa, for Africa, by Africa.

    Samsung is involved a variety of CSR initiatives across the continent designed to address the unique needs, resources and conditions of the continent. We have set ourselves a goal to positively impact the lives of 5 million people in Africa by 2015.

  • Africa is being hailed now more than ever, as a land of opportunity and Samsung is fully committed to growing this opportunity for all. Our aim is to promote co-operation, innovation and the exchange of new ideas in technology so that our products and technologies continue to respond to the real needs and conditions of the continent. And we’re accomplishing this through CSR programmes and products uniquely BUILT IN AFRICA, FOR AFRICA AND BY AFRICA.



    Living out our global commitment to help PRESERVE OUR PLANET FOR GENERATIONS TO COME, in addition to designing our 'Built for Africa' products with the preservation of the continent's resources in mind, we're partnering with local African governments to address critical environmental issues like waste and e-waste management, carbon footprint reduction, chemicals of concern and environmentally sensitive re-design practices.

Our CSR2.0 approach is about finding a balance between social contribution and alignment to business. Our CSR2.0 programme therefore aligns to our Samsung Blue Project,our target to become a $10 Billion business

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Samsung builds products and programmes for Africa's unique needs resources and conditons. Samsung has undertaken extensive research (R&D) to develop technology innovations.

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We view the role of CSR as critical to our business growth strategy for Africa. We understand that being successful in Africa requires entrepreneunal attitude and commitment to help create the market and infrastructure

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