Vision & Goals

Samsung Engineering Academy
- 10000 Electronics Engineers by 2015
- Roll-out in 5 countries
- Industry-aligned training for youth
- Provide skilled workforce to SVC & Partners

Solar-Powered Internet Schools
- Reach 2.5 mil learners by 2015- on track
- Pilot program roll out in SA, Kenya and Nigeria
- "Show-case of solar powered IT products for the future electronics technology

Solar-Powered Internet Schools
- Work with Content developers in key countries
- Provide B2B Education Solutions, e.g. content on Tab, E-boards
- Africa customization - Built for Africa - increase sales

The Samsung Electronics Engineering Academy aims to develop 10 000 Electronics Engineers across Africa by 2015. It's currenty being piloted in Kenya, Nigeria and South Africa and will scale to more countries in 2015.

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Samsung's Solar-Powered Mobile Internet Schools initiative aims to reach 500 000 learners by 2015. The pilot programme has been roled out in Kenya, Nigeria and South Africa.

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Samsung works with content developers in key countries to customise Mobile Apps and eductional content for Africa.

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