Partnering for
Greater Impact in Africa

We recognize that there is power in partnership. Therefore, we are working closely with governments as well as businesses in order to amplify the impact of our existing initiatives in Africa and to help bring new initiatives to life

- 8ta, Primestars (EDUC8)
- Strathmore University (R&D and Apps development)
- University of Cape Town (Mobile Innovation Lab and Apps)
- Kenya Institute of Education
(Educational content development and management)

- Government: Ministries of Education, and many more
- Google

Our CSR2.0 approach is about finding a balance between social contribution and alignment to business. Our CSR2.0 programme therefore aligns to our Samsung Blue Project,our target to become a $10 Billion business

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Samsung builds products and programmes for Africa's unique needs resources and conditons. Samsung has undertaken extensive research (R&D) to develop technology innovations.

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We view the role of CSR as critical to our business growth strategy for Africa. We understand that being successful in Africa requires entrepreneunal attitude and commitment to help create the market and infrastructure

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