Share Photos on the Go With SMART Cameras

Sep 10, 2012

Share Photos on the Go With SMART Cameras

If you’re like most travelers, one of your favourite parts of a trip is being able to share great photos of your adventures with friends and family. Unfortunately, doing so isn’t always as easy as it should be. Samsung’s new SMART cameras with Wi-Fi connectivity make it a breeze to share your shots from anywhere.

Digital photography has made it much easier to share photos, but the process still requires some unwelcome steps. When you’re traveling, the process can seem more cumbersome than it’s worth. As a result, you might decide to leave your best camera at home and settle for taking casual snapshots with your phone.

Samsung’s Wi-Fi-equipped SMART cameras change all that, letting you share high-quality photos and videos in the moment, without the hassles and worries. The Samsung WB850F, WB150F, DV300F, and ST200F let you share and save impressive images on the go—without worrying about having the right cables, the right Internet connection, or sufficient storage space.

Don’t Keep the Folks at Home Waiting

Why trust your phone’s camera to capture “They’re never going to believe this” moments? Get high-quality proof to Facebook instantaneously (or if it’s a truly impressive shot, to your online dating profile). Samsung’s SMART cameras let you post your photos and videos straight from your phone to Facebook, YouTube, Picasa, and other sites.

If you’re sharing with a more intimate audience, use your hotel’s Wi-Fi to email the latest images home, directly from your camera. Whichever way you prefer to share your shots, you won’t have to hunt down an Internet cafe or lug cables around to first transfer your photos to a computer.

Smarter Ways to Share

If you’ve been staying with friends or family on the road, what better way to show your appreciation than to share gorgeous images taken during your stay (well, maybe spring for a good bottle of wine, as well). Your Samsung SMART camera can transfer photos directly to any smartphone equipped with Samsung’s free Mobile Link app. You don’t even need a Wi-Fi network. That means you can also share impromptu shots with fellow travelers.

But don’t limit your sharing to smartphone screens. It’s easy to view your photos in all their glory by displaying them on any wireless-equipped HDTV. Samsung TV Link gives you a handy way to scrutinise your shots on a television screen and choose the best of the best. Once you’re back home, you can wow your friends with a convenient slide show on their own TV.

Leave Your Worries Behind

Losing a camera is frustrating, but losing the memories you’ve captured on a once-in-a-lifetime adventure can be downright devastating. Now you can forget about that prospect, even when you’re about to take your camera on a rocky climb or a whitewater ride. With a SMART camera, you can wirelessly save images to the cloud with free storage space from Samsung Link or Microsoft SkyDrive, and download them to your PC later.

That’s not the only travel worry a Samsung SMART camera can help you avoid. The Samsung WB850F has a built-in GPS function that helps you avoid getting lost. That means you can find a remote shooting location without a separate location device. The camera can even identify landmarks within the shot you’re composing—a handy feature for remembering the name of that one strange building or impressive statue.

Avoid Frozen Grin Syndrome

We’ve all seen those self-timer group photos: a dozen people straining to maintain an awkward, unblinking grin, along with one blurry figure sprinting to make it into the shot in time. After a few botched takes, the photographer is often the only one still smiling. Samsung’s Remote Viewfinder feature lets you use your smartphone to snap the picture on your SMART camera when everyone’s ready. And while they all still like you.

Of course, you don’t have to be a nonstop globetrotter to enjoy all these benefits. The same cameras can simplify sharing and saving great photos back home. Whether you’re headed around the globe or around the block, you’ll get more enjoyment from your photos. And that’s what a great camera should be all about.