Use One Remote to Control Your Entire Entertainment System with Anynet+

Dec 29, 2011

Samsung Anynet enabled home entertainment system

Maybe you like clutter. Maybe you enjoy the time spent searching for vanished remote controls between sofa cushions and under dusty cabinets. Maybe you don’t mind storing an abundant supply of batteries to keep various remote controls functioning. With Anynet+, you can say goodbye to the menagerie of remote controls for different components.

Published: September 16, 2010

One Remote for Multiple Devices

Thanks to Anynet+, there’s a brilliant solution: just one remote control that works with up to a dozen devices, using HDMI cables to connect them to your HD TV. That means no hassle, and no tangled cables. HDMI provides superior audio and video quality, neatly connected.

You can control a cable box, DVD or Blu-ray player, home theatre system and more through the Anynet+ network—and that includes devices such as digital cameras and camcorders. One thing to remember—all your devices must be Anynet+ enabled for the network to activate.

Exclusive Samsung Technology

The technology was introduced by Samsung in 2007, and has been upgraded since then. It’s exclusive to Samsung products.

How Anynet+ Works

It’s a wired network system. By accessing a special menu on most models of Samsung TVs, you can control any connected device using nothing but the Anynet+ remote.

The remote adjusts volume and picture on any component. No more fumbling for the DVD remote, then for the TV remote, and trying to optimise sound and image between the two. In fact, Anynet+ is so smart that the moment you insert a movie disc into a Blu-ray or DVD player, all AV equipment connected to your TV automatically turns on, including external speakers.

Another nice feature is that you don’t need to have a component (such as a DVD or Blu-ray player) within your line of sight to make it work. In fact, you can have your whole Anynet+ system enclosed within a cabinet, and still be able to control it. No need to park yourself two feet away from the TV just to turn up the volume.

A Simple System

Anynet+ does all the work for you. Multiple devices are consolidated into one easy system—a central location for viewing home movies and pictures, too. There’s no confusing networking or complicated wiring to set up. The touch of one button turns everything on or off, or puts everything into standby mode.

And you can keep track of a single remote, right?