AM050FNKDEH ERV+ Air to Air Heat Exchange indoor


  • Excellent Control and Greater Air Purity

AM050FNKDEH ERV+ Air to Air Heat Exchange indoor

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ERV Plus System Structure

ERV Plus System Structure

Supply / Exhaust Fan
Takes in air from outdoors or exhausts stale air from indoors.
Temperature Sensor
Automatic detection of indoor and outdoor temperature, enabling a switch to auto mode or executing the cold climate control function.
Dust Filter
Prevents dust from accumulating and blocking or contaminating the heat exchanger element.
Heat Exchanger Element
Transfers heat from exhaust air to fresh air for maximum efficiency.
Control Box
Contains electrical parts for product control.
Humidifier Element (Optional)
A natural evaporating-type humidifier produces more refreshing indoor air.
Direct Expansion (DX) Coil
The new DX Coil heats and cools, enabling mode selection when ventilation is on.
Users can select between heat recovery and normal ventilation.

*Availability of these features varies according to the type of model.
Heat Recovery Method of ERV System

Heat Recovery Method of ERV System

Thanks to air inlets and outlets on both sides, the two-way ventilation design achieves exceptional efficiency. The heat exchange element is specified to recover energy while removing discharged contaminants. Up to 70 per cent of the power needed to condition the fresh air is recovered. This is an efficient and cost-effective method of maintaining indoor temperature and humidity during the winter, and keeping rooms cool and dry during the summer.

Energy Saving Operation

Energy Saving Operation
The ERV system changes the operation mode automatically depending on the outdoor and indoor temperature. This feature enables businesses to benefit from considerable energy savings, no matter what the conditions. In extreme climates with larger discrepancies, the unit operates as an ERV. When the differences between inside and outside are minor, it functions as a conventional ventilation fan, saving money. This product, combined with air conditioners, delivers world-class energy-saving solutions to intelligently reduce the cooling and heating load while maintaining optimised performance.

Flexible Installation

Flexible Installation
The option to install the ERV system horizontally brings unprecedented convenience. This flexibility translates into time savings when it comes to maintaining multiple units. By introducing ERV systems with the control boxes facing a single service hole, businesses can reduce the total number required, cutting down on disruptions, expenditure and space. Unfortunately this is not applicable for ERV PLUS models.

New Diamond Type Heat Exchanger

New Diamond Type Heat Exchanger
Compact and extremely efficient, the new diamond-type heat exchanger is designed to optimise airflow. Compared to conventional rectangular and hexagonal models, it delivers fresh air and maintains a comfortable, stable and eco-friendly performance. Businesses will benefit from reduced costs and a comfortable environment.



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