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    Find out how Samsung can help you create a richer learning experience that empowers this new generation of digital natives.


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  • Improve the Quality of Education through Collaboration

    Improve the Quality of Education through Collaboration

    A group of teachers are talking to each other and sharing their teaching experiences.
    Sharing New Ways of Teaching
    More and more pioneering teachers are avoiding traditional one-way educational methods and seeking more interactive ways of teaching. Teachers can achieve this by collaborating with other teachers who are also interested in innovative education.

    Using Samsung devices, educators can easily connect with peers to learn new skills and to develop, share and discuss other ways to improve interactive education.
  • Create an Interactive Learning Experience

    Create an Interactive Learning Experience

    A student is solving a math problem on his tablet in a classroom that has an interactive whiteboard.
    Encouraging Group Discussion
    Students solve difficult questions better when they work together, To facilitate proactive discussions, teachers can screen-share the work that students have done on their tablets to a large display. This encourages students to actively participate in correcting each other's work and finding the best way to solve the problem.
    A teacher is in a classroom explaining to students about the solar system using an interactive whiteboard.
    Exploring Space in the Classroom
    Classrooms do not have to bound to their physical settings. Samsung technology allows students to see the night sky and explore space in detail within the walls of the classroom. Students can have first-hand experiences in astrology and engage more proactively with interactive learning materials.

    Teachers can easily share content with students by displaying it on a IWB (Interactive White Board) and on the students’ devices.
  • Increase School Operational Efficiency

    Increase School Operational Efficiency

    A teacher is printing educational content using a cloud printing solution on her tablet.
    Working Anywhere, Anytime
    Establishing a cloud printing environment allows faculty members to print materials even when they are away from the office, allowing for remote reporting.

    Giving faculty members access to a company network allows them to share documents with other members very easily.

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