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    Find out how our immersive display solutions can maximize customer experience, enhance user convenience and create an exciting atmosphere.


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  • Offer Unforgettable Experience

    Offer Unforgettable Experience

    The exterior of a modern museum with an outdoor wall display announcing "An Autumnal Evening at the Museum."
    Display Best-in-Class Outdoor Signage
    Our unrivaled technology makes outdoor signages not only crisp and vibrant, but amplifies visibility regardless of the weather.
    • Maximum brightness of 2500 cd results in images that don’t get washed out even in direct sunlight and are visible from various angles.
    • Staggering colour contrast of 5000 to 1: the darks are darker and lights lighter, resulting in more legible content.
    • Water- and dust-proof with durable design: your display can withstand even inclement weather over prolonged periods of time.
  • Amplify Convenience

    Amplify Convenience

    A couple looks at an outdoor overhead display at an amusement park, which is giving them information on wait times and suggestions for nearby rides.
    Reduce & Manage Wait Times
    Busy venues like amusement parks, where visitors spend a great amount of time standing in line, can benefit from exciting ways that reduce the perceived waiting period.
    • Implement a check-in system at the entrance of each ride that notifies visitors of the present wait time, then suggests nearby rides that they can try instead.
    • Place touchscreen displays strategically throughout the line so that people can play quick rounds of games.
    • Install displays that let visitors take photos while waiting in line and share them immediately onto various social media platforms with a QR code.
  • Manage a Seamless Operation

    Manage a Seamless Operation

    A black background with a single wall mount display showing a blue screen with the Samsung Smart Signage Platform logo in the middle.
    Your All-in-one Solution: Samsung Smart Signage Platform (SSSP)
    Our embedded all-in-one solution integrates a video processor, CPU, memory and SSD storage. There’s no need for either separate PCs nor external media players, which reduces the upfront cost and simplifies your IT department’s work.
    • The SSSP is embedded into each display for less bulk and ease of installation.
    • 1 GHz quad-core embedded System-on-Chip (SoC) results in fast, streamlined video processing.
    • Open platform allows you to utilize software like MagicInfo® or one of your choice.

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