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    See how Samsung can help you enhance your financial services to meet the growing demands of digitally savvy customers.


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  • Enhance the In-Branch Experience with Digital Services

    Enhance the In-Branch Experience with Digital Services

    A man walking by a bank branch is receiving a push notification on his smartphone about the branch's financial products and services.
    Engaging Customers with Proximity Technology
    Banks can entice potential customers passing by the entrance of their branch to come in by sending push notifications to their mobile device about the financial products, services, and promotional events that are being offered.

    If customers are interested in finding out more, they can send a reply back so that by the time they come in, a financial representative is ready to provide customized services.
    A customer is using an interactive kiosk to run a financial portfolio simulation.
    Self-Service Banking
    Customers can run hypothetical portfolio simulations at interactive kiosks to determine which financial products best meet their needs.

    They can also view various financial products and services available at the branch on interactive displays.
  • Improve Work Efficiency with Digital Workflow Solutions

    Improve Work Efficiency with Digital Workflow Solutions

    A financial advisor is accessing his company's network using a tablet along with portable keyboard to share his reports with other colleagues.
    Remote Collaboration
    Financial institutions can enhance employee communication by enabling remote collaboration via mobile device. Employees can access the company network to easily share reports with managers and other employees.

    Employees can even collaborate with other employees in remote locations using a data security & management solution.
  • Empower Outside Sales Representatives with Secure Mobile Solutions

    Empower Outside Sales Representatives with Secure Mobile Solutions

    A customer's e-signature is being securely transmitted to the office and to a customer's mobile device at the same time.
    Securely Managing Customer Data
    Once a customer signs a contract with their e-signature, it is automatically converted into a secure document and then sent to the customer's mobile device and the office at the same time.

    Customer data and enterprise data can be securely stored and safely managed with the Samsung KNOX solution.

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