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    Discover how Samsung can help you provide Connected patient-centered care with greater Accuracy and efficiency.


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  • Enhance Patient Experiences

    Enhance Patient Experiences

    A patient is checking in without having to fill out any forms, as a receptionist is using a computer.
    Instant Check-Ins
    Hospitals can securely store confidential patient information in the cloud, enabling receptionists to instantly bring up patient data. This enables smooth, digital check-ins that save time, increase administrative efficiency, and save on administrative operational costs.

    However, if patients prefer filling out paper forms, front desk staff can scan the submitted forms to digitize patient information.
    A doctor is using a tablet to illustrate medical examination results to a patient.
    Fast and Accurate Examinations
    Advanced medical devices allow doctors to provide patients with accurate results in minutes, reducing the need to schedule another appointment.

    Doctors can help patients understand their diagnoses more easily by using a tablet to explain and show their test results.
  • Improve the Quality of Patient Care

    Improve the Quality of Patient Care

    Doctors are having a group meeting while looking at a large screen that is displaying CT and ultrasound images.
    Integrated Patient Care
    Doctors can easily transfer high-quality images and video from HME equipment to other display devices, all while maintaining every image detail. While large displays allow for effective group meetings, smaller displays can be easily held, allowing doctors to quickly and conveniently review and share imaging charts and treatment plans.

    Being able to share high-quality visuals is especially helpful for patient-centered communication and when implementing a multidisciplinary approach to diagnosis.
  • Deliver Connected Care

    Deliver Connected Care

    A doctor is using a tablet to analyze a patient's health status.
    Integrated Care for Timely Responses
    Medical staff can view analyzed biometric data—such as weight, blood pressure, blood glucose and temperature—on mobile devices. They can also monitor movement and activity and remind patients of appointments and medication times. Giving patient caregivers access to this information ensures patient safety and allows for a timely response, even when unexpected events occur.

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