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    Provide customers with a superior dining experience through seamless end-to-end order management.


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A digital menu displaying images of dishes and a video of a chef preparing the daily special is laying on top of a restaurant table.
Digitally Enhanced Menus
Restaurants can attract passing diners by placing visually enticing digital menu boards outside. After being seated at a table, diners can see the menu on their waiter's mobile device. The digital menus can showcase high-resolution images of the dishes or a video of the chef showing how the daily special is prepared.
A chef is using the wearable device on her wrist and the large format display in the kitchen to manage food orders.
Seamless End-to-End Process
Wearable devices and large displays make managing food orders easy. When a customer places an order using the mobile device at the table, the kitchen staff can view the order on their wearable device or on a digital display. This allows for kitchen staff to easily keep track of orders in real-time.


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