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    Find out how Samsung can help you streamline operations and enhance the passenger experience.


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  • Improve Logistics Visibility

    Improve Logistics Visibility

    A deliveryman is delivering a package to a customer as she signs for the package on a tablet.
    Streamlining the Delivery Process
    Logistics companies can provide high-quality delivery services by harnessing mobile technology. Using image capture technology on a mobile device, delivery personnel can provide instant documentation of package conditions and use signature capture for proof-of-delivery confirmation, speeding up the overall process. They can also have customers fill out satisfaction surveys on-the-spot using the same device.
    A driver is using a tablet supported with a telematics/tracking solution to find the best route to his destination.
    Smart Fleet Management
    When drivers are equipped with telematics/tracking solutions, dispatchers can see the location of each and every vehicle in the fleet, providing the information needed to support dynamic routing. If drivers take a wrong turn or are caught in a traffic jam, real-time location-based directions and traffic information can help them stay on schedule. Drivers can access this information on their tablet. Dynamic routing improves customer demand response times, improves delivery efficiency and reduces fuel costs.
  • Increase Operational Efficiency

    Increase Operational Efficiency

    A staff member is wearing a wearable device on her wrist as she access a touchscreen display.
    Efficient Ticket Validations
    Rail conductors can use paperless tablets or smartphones to electronically validate passenger tickets for the convenience of conductors and passengers. The devices can also be used to improve time management for passenger transport, obtain urgent information and deploy staff and resources from the field swiftly and efficiently.
    A field technician is using a ruggedized tablet to check service records.
    Immediate On-the-Job Assistance
    Technology can help field repair technicians be more accurate. Using a tablet, they can view the repair schedule as well as all notes and service records and other relevant data. They can also receive the parts list to pick up pre-packed parts from the depot, and access the equipment manual and contact support for assistance with a particularly complex repair procedure. Through the use of the tablet's camera (or intelligent goggles), support can observe what the field technician is doing and can provide immediate guidance. The field technician can also complete the job by completing the paperwork on the tablet using the stylus pen.
  • Enhance the Passenger Experience

    Enhance the Passenger Experience

    A traveler is entering an airport and is receiving a push notification on his phone about flight and gate details.
    An Airport That Gets You
    Airports can provide passengers with an enhanced passenger experience from the moment they arrive. With beacon technology, airports can push important information—flight and gate details, shortest routes to boarding areas, and expected wait times—to passengers' mobile devices through an airline application. They can also find this information using an interactive kiosk.
    A traveler is receiving a notification on their mobile device alerting him that his plane is ready to board.
    Smart Mobile Boarding
    Airports can help passengers relax while they wait in the lounge by sending a push notification to their mobile device alerting them when their plane is ready to board. Passengers will know when to travel along the concourse to arrive at the gate just in time for departure.

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