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Better Mobile Delivery Programming

By enabling the real-time checking of vital transportation information, this application for GALAXY Tab is helping make supply and delivery logistics more streamlined, practical and cost-effective than ever.


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Ohio, USA

transportation & Logistics

Customer Profile
166,000 (As of 2011)
Delivery Program
Operational cost is reduced by enabling real-time checking of transportation information and grasp of transportation status of a third party logistic company

Business Solution
• Implementation of an integrated sales channel through shop, Internet and mobile technology for sustainable growth in the future
• Reduction in operational costs through increased efficiency of the transport plan, vehicle allocation and customer consultants
• The latest Android OS optimised for a delivery program, good display function in diverse environments and a competitive price
• Compatibility with the programs currently in use
• Connectivity with 3G and WiFi, and sufficient processor performance to support integration with GPS tracking software
• Signature storing function for property tracking and delivery completion verification

As the current delivery solution is compatible with the Android platform, the alternative, next-generation Android tablet was required to resolve the above challenges.
• Delivery program

The GALAXY Tab - which provides an upgrade to the latest Android OS version 2.3, a display which has excellent readability in diverse lighting conditions and a competitive price — won the competition and was supplied for this project.
• Reduction in operational costs thanks to the increased efficiency resulting from adoption of the mobile delivery system
• Improvement in customer service resulting from adoption of the latest mobile device

The implementation of a mobile environment for a real-time delivery system keeping pace with the development of technology to integrate shops, Internet and mobile terminals, has led to considerable reductions in cost and increased the satisfaction of not only external but also internal customers. The GALAXY Tab is a device which perfectly satisfies the diverse requirements of a mobile delivery program.