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Boosting Sales and Productivity

The catering company successfully improved sales, saved time while processing orders and strengthened its reputation by using Samsung Galaxy Tab and ORDAGO's telecommunication services. This new application, using the Android OS performs a range of tasks and minimises errors.


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Company Overview

Retail & Consumer

Customer Profile
The Relais d’Or Miko Sud-Ouest company operates services for professional caterers.
ORDAGO Solution

GALAXY Tab 8.9
Concerning Sales services :
• Facilitating order taking by digitalizing invoices
• Improving sales productivity
• Generating additional sales
• Managing client handling (availability of hardware, collections, outstanding payments, sales statistics, etc.)

Concerning Logistsics :
• Streamlining the process for vendor order entry
• Receiving vendor orders in real time
• Elimination of errors in order preparation
Business Solution
Relais d’Or Miko Sud-Ouest company, run by Philippe Duboy Calbete, provides special culinary services. With about 3,500 customers, the company has increased its sales productivity by introducing GALAXY Tab and telecommunications solution.
Introducing ORDAGO’s Telecommunications Solution
With twelve years experience in telecommunications, the company ORDAGO, provider of land-line, mobile and internet telecommunications solutions for businesses, has accompanied the Miko group and its distributors in the installation and set up of a business application developed by the IT consultancy Proginov. This new application developed using Android OS, allows the sales force to perform the following tasks in real-time:

• Access client/prospect portfolios
• Enter orders
• Monitor Customers
• Manage inventory
• Follow sales reports and statistics

In partnership with Samsung France, ORDAGO submitted a range of different tablets to the Miko group in order to confirm the following:

• Features and functionality of each tablet in the field.
• Real-time connectivity and data exchange over the 3G network.
• Support, set-up and training of the sales force regarding the handling of each tablet.
Increased sales productivity

Time saved in order processing

Strengthening of the reputation and image of the company Relais d’Or Sud Ouest in the eyes of its customers
Since the realisation of this project, the distributors MIKO GERCAUGEL and SANDORGEL have equipped themselves with Samsung 8.9 tablets.