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Enhanced Traffic Management Technology

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Rome, Italy

Public sector

Customer Profile
115,000 (As of 2005)
3Minds Traffic Assistant tool for Samsung
A traffic control client for Android OS which can share diverse information safely connecting with the government network

Business Solution
• Immediate spot-checking of vehicle registration status, driver and travel information
• Inquiries regarding various criminal record and legal information can be made on the spot
• Multimedia evidence can be secured using accurate locational information (Geotagging)
• Sufficient display visibility was a requirement, for simple and fast use as well as frequent outdoor use
• Accurate locational information to be acquired and diverse multimedia data to be exchanged with the police headquarters, at high speed
• Sufficient durability of the device required for use in rough environments

The traffic police — which actually even performs the jobs of the military police, is sometimes dispatched to other areas and carries out its activities mainly on expressways crossing over the Pyrenees and the Alps — needed a sturdy, reliable and highly functional terminal which can provide quicker, more accurate GPS communication, as well as high-speed networking and data processing in any topography.
• 3Minds Traffic Assistant Tool for Samsung

The 3Minds Traffic Assistant Tool for Samsung, for Android OS, is a specialised traffic control solution developed jointly by 3Minds and Samsung. It shares an enormous amount of data within the police and can also access the information managed by police services of EU countries other than Italy, through the network. For this, it is optimised for integrated information retrieval between different types of equipment and different networks. Together with GALAXY S II, it not only complies with all the security levels required by the military and government organisations but also enables the best on-the-spot traffic control and security management.
• Immediate spot-checking of vehicle registration status, driver and travel information
• Information about accidents and traffic flow can be immediately accessed and quickly dealt with Multimedia evidence can be secured using accurate locational information (Geotagging)

A quick response, which is essential for traffic control, is made possible by enabling immediate inquiry and action via a portable terminal, instead of using a PC inside the vehicle and large communication equipment. Diverse information from other countries can be retrieved and utilised within an EU-integrated system. Also, diverse potential risk factors and expenses which may occur in the future can be reduced by securing clearer evidence from the scene.