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Gaumont Pathe Cinema

Digitize analog posters for modern ambience


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A premium digital signage
solution to engage moviegoers

Les Cinémas Gaumont-Pathé upgrades their paper signage to immersive Samsung digital displays innovated for enhanced performance and as a cost-effective solution to attract moviegoers.

  • ClientLes Cinémas Gaumont-Pathé
  • IndustryEntertainment
  • Solution Samsung ME Series SMART Signage
Les Cinémas Gaumont-Pathé is a movie theater company that operates over a hundred cinemas across France, Switzerland and the Netherlands. The movie company continually strives to innovate its theaters with the latest technology to satisfy savvy moviegoers with a premium theater experience.
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Key Challenges
With the recent boom in the global movie industry, Les Cinémas Gaumont-Pathé was faced with fierce competition from not only other theaters but increasing online and mobile movie distributers.
What challenges did Les Cinémas Gaumont-Pathé face in the highly competitive movie theater market?
Gaumont-Pathé needed to create a differentiated customer experience in a highly competitive movie industry. The company also wanted to eliminate the expensive cost of installing and distributing traditional paper posters across hundreds of cinema locations which led to great inefficiency.
What did Les Cinémas Gaumont-Pathé need to accomplish to be competitive?
Forward thinking movie companies are already integrating high-tech digital displays over static signage to draw moviegoers with promotions and coming attractions in a more dynamic way. Gaumont-Pathé sought to efficiently upgrade the interior of its cinemas with sleek displays to provide a modernized experience and effectively display promotions not only to raise ticket sales but concession stand revenue as well.
To upgrade their theaters and stay ahead of the intense competition, Gaumont-Pathé installed Samsung ME Series displays ranging from medium- to super-sized depending on usage in various locations. These included the ticket office, hallways and concession stands where Samsung digital displays delivered information with lifelike quality in real time. As an effective digital signage, ME Series displays were installed to provide a superb customer experience and impart an immersive, impactful viewing experience to moviegoers.
Key Benefits of ME Series displays
  • Slim profile with thin bezels.Create a modern, premium theater interior.
  • Superior quality images.Project vivid colors in rich hues for eye-catching content on FHD screens in theaters.
  • Simple management and embedded display solution.Create, display and manage content easily, remotely and frequently saving on operational costs.
  • A wide range of top-of-the-line products. Attain the best price and display fit for all areas of the theater from menu board-size to large poster-size signage.
  • High reliability and edge-type LED panel.Display content from opening to closing of the theater with highly reliable and durable displays while conserving energy.
By installing Samsung ME Series, Gaumont-Pathé transformed their theater into a modern entertainment venue that delivered a premium cinema experience. Gaumont was so impressed with the dramatic increase in attendance that they are currently in the process of installing the Samsung ME series in its other cinemas.
Key Achievements
  • Captured moviegoer interest and desire to attend coming attractions. Boosted ticket sales and repeat business by engaging moviegoers and creating a stronger desire to attend upcoming movies advertised on the signage.
  • Simple, seamless, and remote management of theatre display content. Saved valuable resources with simple management of multiple theater displays from the central office or at each cinema location with just a click of a mouse.
  • Premium, contemporary look to the theater.Enhanced the theaters décor, adding a modern, stylish look to the entire facility, creating an ambiance moviegoers thoroughly enjoyed.
  • Increased concession sales through convenient information delivery.Streamlined the ordering process by displaying high-quality images of snack options and special offers clearly and attractively in real time, enabling customers to easily see and decide their menu choices.


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