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Implementing Better Homecare Performance

The Home Healthcare Service Solution uses GALAXY Tabs to implement a better, more efficient level of care for patients at home by ensuring they have access to an enhanced support service at all times.


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New York, USA

Home Healthcare Service Solution using GALAXY Tab

Business Solution
• Higher efficiency of customer healthcare support by building real-time business support environment for home healthcare specialists
• A cost-effective terminal price and comparative advantages of GALAXY Tab which has functions exceeding the price
• Implementation of real-time healthcare support business for as many as 700 home healthcare specialists through the suitable size of GALAXY Tab and provision of an effective wireless environment
• Realisation of a cost-effective terminal price
• Providing continuous customer service in remote workplace conditions, including mobile environment
• Reducing unnecessary repeated business of home healthcare specialists whose main work is done through home visits

The task of supporting customer healthcare service through home visits should be carried out quickly and efficiently. Above all, the information of the head office and that of the remote workplace should be identical, and customers can only trust our service when the employee managing the information is able to intuitively understand the information.
• Customer health information based home-visit healthcare support solution

As many as 700 home healthcare support specialists could efficiently concentrate on customer service business thanks to the GALAXY Tab which can be conveniently carried around, and remote business support through wireless communication. The clear screen of the powerful Galaxy Tab offers specialists who frequently go out to visit homes an environment which enables them to provide intuitive and definite customer service.
• Enhancement of customer satisfaction through real-time remote provision of a home healthcare information support service
• Ability to provide customised support to a more diverse range of home healthcare service categories
• Provision of an efficient remote business environment for specialists who support home visits externally, using a terminal (GALAXY Tab) with a much clearer display than the products of its competitors

We were successful in winning the trust of customers who were sensitive to healthcare issues, above all through the business environment delivering continuous healthcare-related information using a GALAXY Tab. It was the portability and high visibility of the Galaxy Tab which made this possible, and this enabled us to further expand to other healthcare services.