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Managing Businesses More Efficiently

This innovative Integrated Business Solution supported by the GALAXY Tab is providing thousands of businesses in India's retail and consumer goods sector with real-time information that makes their operations more efficient and eco-friendly.


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Mumbai, India

Retail & Consumer

Customer Profile
16,000 (As of 2011)
SFA and DMS application for Samsung
An integrated business management client for Android OS which enables real-time business handling and provision of business information

GALAXY Tab 7.0
Business Solution
• Management of real-time business information of 11,000 distributors and 7 million retail shops can be achieved
• Decisions can be made more quickly based on accurate real-time information
• Money can be saved and the environment can be protected by converting to a paperless business
• Elimination of paper from daily business handling, task assignment and priority setting
• Acquiring the real-time inventory and order status of more than 7 million retail shop units
• Quicker and more accurate acquisition of business status and decision-making through real-time information processing

Business activities are being carried out across 7 million retail shops and more than 11,000 distributors all over India. The customer wanted quicker processing of daily business such as ordering, logistic management, delivery management, inventory management and payment collection which happen in a wide geographical area, as well as more efficient and positive business activities using real-time data. Also, the goal was to reduce costs by computerising the enormous amount of documentation required for daily business and eventually to implement green management.
• SFA and DMS application for Samsung

The SFA & DMS application for Samsung — which is an integrated business management application for Android OS — is a solution for real-time management of ordering, logistics, payment collection and inventory status. While the existing POS system or PDA-based product still relies on exchange of information via terminals, the new solution is innovative in that it enables business intelligence operations helpful for managerial decision-making, by collecting and analysing information about the performance of each business unit. Also, it enables real-time analysis of and inquiry about information flowing in from an enormous number of locations, overcoming the geographical restrictions of India as a vast country.
• Management of real-time business information of 11,000 distributors and 7 million retail shops can be achieved
• Money can be saved and the environment can be protected by converting to a paperless business
• The easy-to-use solution has minimised the training costs and the reliance on field manpower

Real-time information relating to all daily business from order receipts and deliveries to payment collection and inventory management, occurring across the whole of India, can be acquired and dealt with, moving away from the existing PDA or phone line-based POS system. It could even contribute to cost savings and environmental protection by eliminating the need for the large amounts of paper used in the existing business methods.

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