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Slate NY Sports bar

Deliver modern, immersive sports venue entertainment


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Video Walls deliver
modern, immersive sports venue entertainment

Slate NY installs Samsung UD Series video wall displays to bring wow factor and attract crowds and events to their top-rated entertainment venue

  • ClientSlate NY
  • IndustryEntertainment
  • SolutionSamsung UDC Series Displays
Slate NY, acclaimed as New York’s “Best Sports Bar”, prides itself as being more than a sports bar and has evolved into a multi-platform entertainment venue. As an industry leader, they strive to integrate cutting-edge technology to provide world-class entertainment and stay ahead of the growing competition.
Key Challenges
With the increasing popularity of upscale sports bars, Slate NY needed to keep the competitive-edge as to audio-visual capabilities by implementing innovative technology.
What challenges did Slate NY face in the highly competitive high-end sports bar market?
Slate NY needed to bring a wow factor to their venue by integrating an advanced, cost-efficient audio-visual solution to set it apart from other venues. This meant the implementation of a cutting-edge videowall solution with narrow bezels for seamless viewing that could be easily maintained and mounted.
What did Slate NY need to accomplish to be competitive?
Progressive sports bar owners have already begun replacing traditional video equipment with digital signage to provide an impactful audio-visual experience. Slate NY sought to efficiently build stunning video walls to remain at the forefront of satisfying corporate and private event clients.
To stay ahead of the competition, Slate NY installed 25 Samsung UD Series 55” displays with superb 5.5mm bezel-to-bezel width to deliver a virtually seamless viewing experience throughout the venue. Digital loop out connected all the displays to deliver equal picture quality throughout the whole video wall for immersive viewing.
Key Benefits of Samsung SMART Signage
  • Seamless display with ultra-narrow bezels.Build seamless video walls with UD series LED-lit displays throughout the sports bar
  • Impressive picture quality.Achieve superior visual impact with Full HD resolution and glare-proof surface for bar customers
  • Energy consumption savings.Have sports bar consume up to 30% less energy with direct-lit LED technology
  • Enhanced picture uniformity and brightness.Ensure brilliant picture equality throughout video walls within the sports bar for using digital loop out
  • Onboard management solution.Eliminate the need for external processors and have sports bar staff control displays and content remotely
Slate NY set about streamlining and modernizing their venue by replacing disparate video sources collected over the years with state-of-the-art Samsung video walls. This audio-visual refresh resulted in a 25% increase in foot traffic and a dramatic upsurge in event bookings. They plan on leveraging the video walls through the integration of custom graphics to transform the venue atmosphere for club nights or other events.
Key Achievements
  • Enhanced the high-end sports bar brandSignificantly increased visitors to the bar and boosted special event bookings
  • Versatility of venue environmentEnabled the creation of various atmospheres for day or night events including club nights
  • Raised the level of the multi-platform
    Enhanced multi-purpose value by allowing many types of events including corporate or private
  • Myriad content application in-venueIncreased range of visual material including brand images and office file content for presentations
  • Image-size flexibility for optimal venue
    display usage
    Heightened display functionality by allowing multiple small images or single large image
  • Expedient installation and saved venue
    Allowed simple deployment and management of video walls with no need for external hardware

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