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Your Business Is Safe With Us

The Automated Entrance Security system is protecting shops and businesses by offering them a convenient and affordable security solution that can be easily controlled by the GALAXY Mini.


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Spain (About 100 shops are in possession within Spain)

Professional Services
10,000 sets of GALAXY Mini and security support solution application

Business Solution
• Support for development and loading of a remote security support and management solution for flagship entrance security solution
• Effective operation of the remote security solution is easy as the quality of GALAXY Mini is verified to be superior to that of its competitors
• Customer satisfaction is achieved as customer product management made twice as easy through the remote security management solution loaded onto the GALAXY Mini
• Support for continuous version-up development of remote security management applications
• Necessity for a sturdy and easy-to-carry management terminal
• Need for a technical support infrastructure which can immediately gather increase in the requirements for functions related to entrance security

The solution required to overcome real-time physical security problems in a company or a home also required a solution for remote locations, to eliminate the need for real-time human management and monitoring.
• Entrance security management and remote security management solution application

The security management system loaded on GALAXY Mini has enabled not only entrance control but also monitoring from a remote site, as well as storing and transmission of various logs related to entrances and exits. In addition, GALAXY Mini Smartphone has come to win trust by providing continuous security function support and operational functions.
• The complex security requirements of customers have been transferred to a smartphone environment, thus enhancing management efficiency
• Product reliability is enhanced by enabling perfect security-related monitoring even from a remote site
• The management efficiency of the GALAXY Smartphone has raised the product image profile of this flagship security solution

The strategic combination of the top-level security solution, and the GALAXY Mini which manages and operates it, has further strengthened the core service capability of customers and has made it possible to broaden the scope of the smartphone application to the field of home and business security management.