Real-Time Railway Controlling

Railway staff in France are successfully using Samsung GALAXY S smartphones to provide enhanced, secure communication links between central control stations and remote workers that are capable of operating on even the fastest train routes.


  • Country France
  • Industry Public sector


  • Technology 12,000 sets of GALAXY S (I9000)
    smartphone/railroad transportation control solutions of SAP Afaria MDM and the company itself
  • Device GALAXY S

Business Solution

  • • High function of the hand-held terminal was a basic consideration, and development of a security solution for operation of railroad transportation solution and service fusion with the current operational environment were conducted successfully
    • The capability of the Android platform and technical support of Samsung were successfully verified — they enabled integration of solutions appropriate to the service environment of the customer, rather than simply the advantages of GALAXY S as a simple mobile device
    • GALAXY S provides a continuous transportation control communication service with no disruption while in motion on a railway at speeds faster than 300km per hour


  • • Necessity for development of a security solution which can be applied to hand-held terminals and administrative functions
    • The need to integrate the company's existing rail transportation control service with the new hand-held terminals
    • Requirement for universal hand-held terminals verified through extensive use

    Controlling and managing an extensive railway network using a smartphone which can be easily used by everyone represented a huge challenge. Also, continuous development needed to be supported by adding security functions to terminal communications, for administrative operation.


  • • GALAXY S terminal, to which the extensive rail transportation control solution and security solution are applied

    The technically superior function exhibited by Samsung GALAXY S has demonstrated perfect operational function of the rail network control solution, even while in motion on the railway at a speed faster than 300km/hr. Above all, the technical infrastructure which enabled the application of a specific solution to the smartphone after customisation and continuous support for the same could only be provided by the Galaxy S.


  • • Unification of business relay between workers in the rail transportation central control station and remote workers has been implemented using GALAXY S
    • The service quality of the rail transportation itself has been improved by reflecting in real-time the errors and improvements of the extensive rail transportation network through real-time sharing of rail transportation information
    • The rail transportation control solution operated via GALAXY S can be used as a successful case study in exporting the solution to other companies or countries

    Due to the characteristics of the European area, application of a considerable level of security technology and a universal control solution were required for the operation and management of the rail transportation network which passes through different countries. Application of the GALAXY S smartphone resolved this problem by unifying the business activity of the remote sites and the central control station, and it offers an opportunity to export such a solution to other countries in the future.