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Video Key Highlights of SMART Signage TV

A video that visually explains the key highlights of SMART Signage TV

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Video SMART Signage TV - From Unboxing To Installation

A How-To video that walks you through the simple steps of installing SMART Signage TV

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Video SMART Signage TV - From SW Installation To Content Creation

A How-To video that shows you how to setup your SMART Signage TV, install Creator s/w on your PC and to create and publish your content with it

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Brochure SMART Signage TV Brochure

A brochure that highlights the key benefits of SMART Signage TV and example usage scenarios

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Video SMART Signage TV for the Real World

A video that shows SMART Signage TV in actual usage environment for better understanding of its benefits

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Brochure Launching Paperless Surveys

The Samsung m-Survey solution empowers sales teams in the field by letting them conduct vital market research via efficient, flexible surveys that can be uploaded and analysed in real time.

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Brochure Electronic Brochures Improve Customer Relations

With the Samsung e-Brochure, retail and consumer goods professionals can create and adapt sales material on the move, allowing them to boost productivity and customer service quality by presenting customised brochures in meetings.

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Brochure Enabling Greater Parent-Teacher Collaboration

The Mobile Parent-Teacher Collaboration solution cuts out unnecessary, time-consuming face-to-face meetings by providing a real-time communication link between parents and teaching staff, ensuring that students' needs are constantly and efficiently monitored.

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