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Samsung Drive Experience combines vehicle-related information with news, telecommunications and entertainment into a single, easy-to-use solution. It provides users with content that is specific to their vehicle's performance direct to their mobile device, ensuring that relevant and up-to-date information is always instantly available. There is the option of uploading a digital catalogue containing videos, themes and widgets, not to mention vital maintenance information, emergency procedures and the vehicle's e-Manual. By bringing all of this information into one simple and accessible location, vehicle maintenance is made easier and more efficient than ever.
Customised Applications
Customised Applications
Vehicle manufacturers can use the Samsung Drive Experience solution by inserting personalised applications and highlighting model-specific features. This lets them adapt its content in such a way that it enhances the ultimate user experience of their particular vehicles. Brand and customer loyalty can be reinforced through the customisation of background images and messages, making the solution as relevant as possible for individual manufacturers. This flexibility makes the Samsung Drive Experience an indispensable tool for the automotive industry.
Single Information Point
Single Information Point
The Samsung Drive Experience solution compiles and retains a broad range of information related to your vehicle and your driving experience in one easily accessible point. The user manual, service centre locations and product details are all found together, making it simpler for drivers to monitor their vehicle's performance and resolve any potential issues. This solution contains other useful information such as tips on driving, vehicle maintenance.
Automotive Company
• Enhances marketing activities, leading to a strong relationship between automotive companies and their customers.
• Helps elevate the brand image as it represents a trend-leading, innovative solution that pushes the boundaries.
• Communicates the automotive company’s identity to the customer, allowing the manufacturer to accommodate their customer’s needs.
• Enables product promotion via video and digital catalogues.
• Can be leveraged as a marketing tool to drive sales.

End User
• Supports safe and smart driving by including driver tips and the owner’s manual.
• Communicates with the automotive company via gateway technology: SNS shortcuts, notifications, homepage shortcuts, etc.
• Checks and records driving, maintenance and refuelling history.
• Provides digitised information about new vehicles, improving customer satisfaction.

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