Nomalys Nomad Provider

The Nomalys Nomad Provider aims to supply business users with an innovative, graphical and secure application that lets clients browse their IT systems. It consolidates different sources in a quick, safe and economic way, thus resolving the challenges of working in data-intensive environments. This is the only professional generic solution that works on any Samsung Android device. It is capable of dealing with even the most demanding and complex computer and communications technologies, ensuring that companies always have the information they need at their fingertips.


• Optimises the ROI of both the IT system and the devices.
• Enhances the work efficiency and productivity of remote users.
• Creates a positive dynamic between top management, IT executives and field employees.
• Offers data browsing via a convenient IT system, consolidating data from various sources.
• Displays information in an intelligent and graphic way.
• Provides innovative, smart and flexible search options that are highly intuitive and convenient.
• Enables solutions to be deployed within a month.
Combining Data Sources to Drive Business

Combining Data Sources to Drive Business

This solution is designed to bring together key data from a range of different sources. It is compatible with any customer relationship management (CRM), enterprise resource planning (ERP) or business intelligence (BI) systems, making it flexible enough to monitor a broad range of company interactions and prospects. It also works alongside Data Warehouse (DW) technology, making it easier for professionals to mine and analyse valuable information to drive business and reach out to customers. Furthermore, it supports secure IT systems for safe data browsing on mobile devices.

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