SAS Mobile BI

SAS Mobile BI creates a virtual environment that enables business users to review their company's interactive reports and dashboards easily and securely. It grants fast, straightforward access to data via mobile devices, letting professionals work effectively whether they are online and offline. The ability to present complex information in a manageable, constructive way, will see productivity increase. Teams can make efficient and well-informed decisions based on facts, rather than speculation or guesswork. Wherever they are, this flexible solution enables mobile users to work quickly and proficiently.


• Make decisions through in-depth analysis
• Quickly summarize business information and receive the data via your mobile device
• Get the job done with quick and easy access to business data, through reports and dashboards
• Collaborate with your colleagues and share reports
• Enter and edit comments on business reports and KPIs to encourage a flexible working approach
• Improve work efficiency by facilitating the use of reports and business analysis factors with an intuitive interface
Rapid Business Data Analysis

Rapid Business Data Analysis

By granting secure online and offline access to interactive reports and dashboards, the SAS Mobile BI enables professionals to maximise their productivity anywhere in the world. The tool quickly summarises complex information and sends the data directly to your mobile devices. This enhances collaboration with colleagues by making it easier to share reports, letting users take well-informed decisions in a timely manner. Such a flexible approach to business improves efficiency while reducing costs associated with delays.

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