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Because of increasing governmental intervention and tightened privacy requirements, it has become a regulatory imperative in financail industry to ensure transparent and appropriate risk management and protect customer information. Also, the governments’ strict standard regulations require internal controls to minimize the risk of inaccurate financial reports and customer privacy issues.

While complying to government restriction, many financial institutions must transmit data securely, receive timely fraud alerts, monitor information use and provide security for transaction record storage in order to protect transactions. Effective storage management is required to help ensure
adequate space, prevent data loss, and preserve business continuity.
Legally compliant, high-security document management for financial organizations
Legally compliant, high-security document management for financial organizations
Based on experience in implementing systems to support the Sarbanes-Oxley Act and the U.S. Patriot Act, Samsung developed a high-security document management solution.

This legally compliant solution helps to decrease security risks and improve data management. Customer Information Security Solution reduces the physical loss, misplacement, leakage or damage of performance reports and other customer information.
Solution Features
Solution Features
1. Protect user data and manage system authorization with role-based data and user access control
2. Safeguard documents with print, copy, scan and fax document access control and protection
3. Manage external interfaces with administrator-controlled fax forwarding capability
4. Generate auditable data with logging and access authorization
Optimized security through an authentication system.
Able to reduce data loss by monitoring and managing information usages.

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