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The finance industry is undergoing a massive transition because of fierce competition in the economic downturn. The market faces increased competition from automobile manufacturers, retail operations and insurance companies that have recently become lending institutions.

Today’s financial institutions have expanded traditional offerings to include insurance, mutual funds, and trading products. This expansion creates challenges for improving organisational performance. Therefore, firms need greater control of labor and printing costs, such as the mailing, filing
and physical storage of paper-based documents. They also require economical hardware and high-yield supplies to save overall expenditures associated with printing and document management.

Designed for easy customization of multifunction printers (MFPs) and copiers

Designed for easy customization of multifunction printers (MFPs) and copiers

Samsung EasyPrint Customization Solution enhances the agility of financial branch offices with systems that help them respond to customer requests more efficiently.

With the EasyPrint Customization Solution, financial offices can implement document customization processes that enable each workstation in a branch to produce professional, high-quality, custom documents.

In addition to addressing customer requirements, the solution also provides an information system that meets compliance regulations.

Solution Features

Solution Features
1. Develop and install custom applications on MFPs
2. Create and manage a uniform look and feel of MFPs throughout the organisation


• Enhances the customer responsiveness of financial branch offices.
• Provides financial branch offices with the ability to develop and install custom MFP applications for greater efficiency.

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