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Achieve professional-quality images even if you're a beginner. The NX100's easy-to-use, intuitive
i-Function Lens brings all the professional settings and parameter controls of a DSLR and
intuitively integrates them onto the i-Function Lens, so everything is readily accessible.
Values and parameter settings like ISO, shutter speed, and aperture, are easy
to control. So easy, that you can access them without putting the camera
down and still keep your eye on the subject. The user interface makes
it all easy to understand, whether you're a novice or a professional.
And fast speed AF (Auto Focus) lets you photograph that perfect
shot in breathtaking detail.
Innovations Internacional CES Amateur Photographer

Stunning photos in seconds.

Getting great pictures has never been easier thanks to the NX100's
i-Function lens. That's because NX100's built-in i-Scene mode
allows your camera to automatically recognise what type of lens
has been attached, and suggests which kind of scene a particular
lens type is best-suited for—simply select and choose
the scene you like, and your camera is optimised to take
the perfect shot. Additionally, with the i-Function Lens and
its convenient i-Function button, you can easily change
composition parameters (ISO, shutter speed,
aperture, EV, WB) adjusting for ideal exposure
settings in any type of shooting situation. NX100_System

And with a quick turn of the i-Function focus ring, you can increase or
decrease values within each composition parameter. So whether you're
an expert photographer or just a photo enthusiast, the NX100's
intuitive i-Function lens makes capturing professional-quality
photos quicker and easier than ever.

Snap stunning photos in style

The Samsung NX100 incorporates innovative design, advanced features and professional quality into a compact form. DSLR cameras typically offer the highest level of performance available but tend to be bulky and cumbersome in design. The Samsung NX100's sleek, leaf-like design revolutionises the traditional camera with a compact form. Typically, DSLR cameras require more space between the lens and CMOS sensor (flange back size). Thanks to the reduced flange back size as well as the Live View System which eliminates the need for a space-consuming pentaprism, the NX100 is small, slim, and compact—but still delivers professional results. Also, no matter which of the 3 stylish colours (black, white, brown) you choose, you'll see how easy and comfortable it is to hold NX100 with its curved sides and smooth exterior finish. NX100 goes wherever you go for professional, high-quality photos that you never thought were possible from a camera that fits in your pocket or purse.

Super large image sensor offers utmost
image quality and rich natural colours.

Samsung NX100, equipped with super large APS-C size CMOS sensor,
reproduces rich and natural colours and expresses clear images.
Particularly, Samsung NX100 image sensor minimises noise, which
degrade the quality of a photo and expresses crisp and
clear images, and allows us to use high ISO in
a low light environment with low noise.

3.0" AMOLED display provides clear photo information at anytime, anywhere.

AMOLED (Active-Matrix Organic Light-Emitting Diode), so called a dream display because it's thinner, brighter, faster in response time, and is excellent in colour reproduction. AMOLED produces incredibly clear can be viewed even in bright sunlight. AMOLED is also 3000 times faster in its response rate than LCD, expresses sharp pictures with bright colours evenly lit with no side or backlighting, and allows us to view display at any angle. In addition, its dynamic 10000:1 contrast ratio provides clearer images in true colours.

Instantly capture fleeting moments.

Innovatively designed, the Samsung NX100 is the perfect size and weight. Without a mirror box and pentaprism, it's small and light enough to carry around everywhere you go. With greater speed than NX100's predecessor, NX10, AF function lets you capture fleeting moments instantly before they pass you by. Now, you're always prepared to capture memories, because great photos come when least expected.

HD movies like motion pictures

Samsung NX100, HD movies in 720p resolution and H.264 advanced video compression format camera. Samsung NX100's APS-C size super large CMOS sensor offers not only detailed and clear video clips, but also allows target objects to stand out of the picture like in a motion picture. In addition, equipped with HDMI interface for transmitting uncompressed digital data, you can enjoy watching high resolution video images on HDTV.

Creative effects, imaginative photos.

When you really want to get creative with your photos, the NX100 gives you the tools you need. Its Smart Filter feature is a collection of lens effects that give your still shots an artistic edge. The seven Smart Filter effects include a Miniature filter which miniaturises everything in your picture, the Vignetting filter delivers a striking compositional contrast, and the Fish-eye filter zooms in to give your subject a cool, distorted look that you get with an ultra-wide angle lens.


Sound Picture

Relive special moments with beautiful images and sound. The NX100's Sound Picture lets you accompany still shots with a recording of its surrounding sound for up to 20 seconds, capturing 10 seconds of sound before you press the shutter button and 10 seconds after you release it. Now you can see and hear your memories.


GPS System (optional)

The optional GPS add-on easily mounts onto your camera, automatically tagging and sorting your photos by location at the time you take your photo via global positions such as Seoul, London, and New York. It then conveniently displays the location when you scroll through your photos. Now you'll never forget where your fantastic pictures were taken.


High Sensitivity ISO 6400

Nobody likes low-light noise. And with the NX100 you won't get any. Its ISO of 6400 delivers crystal clear indoor shots even in low light and sharp details on fast moving objects. So turn down the lights and have some fun.

*please note that product features may vary per country, please check in store for more details.*