Flexible Piping Design

DVM Mini allows an ectended piping length up tpo 150m, and maximum level difference of 50m. With such a great allowance, you can faciitate a variety of system designs.

Flexible Piping Installation

Longest Piping Length and Highest Elevation! The DVM PLUS IV offers distinctive features that can make it easy for you to install and maintain this product in multi-story commercial building. Installation is available with a maximum level difference of 110m, which is the equivalent of about 20 stories (each story is considered to be a height of 5m). Also DVM PLUS IV allows extended piping length up to 220m, and units will still display great performance over wide areas.

Large Capacity

Smaller and Stronger! The DVM PLUS IV can be installed in more compact installation spaces, allowing you to make the best use of your space. The unit's footprint area has been reduced by 41%, and the product's weight is 38% lighter compared to conventional models. And our single units, which provide the world’s largest module capacity, are ideal for larger buildings. Installing larger capacity modules will also save on installation costs since less equipment is required when you use units that offer greater capacities.

[MINIDVM]high energy efficiency

Our dogital scroll compressor offers a very high cooling and heating COP

[MINI DVM]easy maintenance


*please note that product features may vary per country, please check in store for more details.*