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  • AQ24UGQN 1 Front SilverAQ24UGQNPhttp://images.samsung.com/is/image/samsung/africa-en_AQ24UGQNXFA_001_001_silver?$L1-Gallery$africa-en_AQ24UGQNXFA_001_001_silver30002000370370#dbdbdb10050075
  • AQ24UGQN 2 Front SilverAQ24UGQNPhttp://images.samsung.com/is/image/samsung/africa-en_AQ24UGQNXFA_002_002_silver?$L1-Gallery$africa-en_AQ24UGQNXFA_002_002_silver30002000370370#dbdbdb10050295
  • AQ24UGQN 3 Right Angle SilverAQ24UGQNPhttp://images.samsung.com/is/image/samsung/africa-en_AQ24UGQNXFA_003_003_silver?$L1-Gallery$africa-en_AQ24UGQNXFA_003_003_silver30002000370370#dbdbdb10050336
  • AQ24UGQN 4 Right Angle SilverAQ24UGQNPhttp://images.samsung.com/is/image/samsung/africa-en_AQ24UGQNXFA_004_004_silver?$L1-Gallery$africa-en_AQ24UGQNXFA_004_004_silver30002000370370#dbdbdb10050461
AQ24UGQN Front Silver

AQ24UGQN Wall Mount RAC

Simple, Chic and Slim body adds taste to your interior

*please note that product specs and features may vary per country, please check in store for more details.*

Product Features

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  • 9.6Btu/hW EER (Cooling)
  • 2.81W/W EER (Cooling)
  • 2.81W/W EER (Heating)
  • 2.4l/hr Moisture Removal
  • 42 / 33dBA Noise Level Indoor High/Low
  • 54dBA Noise Level Outdoor High

Physical Specification

  • 1065 x 298 x 222mm Net Dimension (W x H x D, Indoor)
  • 790 x 548 x 285mm Net Dimension (W x H x D, Outdoor)
  • 39kg Net Weight (Outdoor)
  • 16kg Shipping Weight (Indoor)
  • 43kg Shipping Weight (Outdoor)

Electrical Data

  • 1 Φ / 220 - 240V / 50Hz Power Source
  • 2,420W Power Consumption (Cooling)
  • 2,490W Power Consumption (Heating)
  • 10.8A Operating Current (Cooling)
  • 11.2A Operating Current (Heating)
Energy Efficiency
EER (Cooling, Btu/W)
EER (Cooling, W/W)
COP (Heating, W/W)
Moisture Removal (l/hr)
Noise Level
Indoor High/Low
Outdoor High
Electrical Data
Power Source
Energy Efficiency
Power Consumption (Cooling)
Power Consumption (Heating)
Operating Current (Cooling)
Operating Current (Heating)
Physical Specification
Net Dimension (WxHxD, Indoor)
Net Dimension (WxHxD, Outdoor)
Net Weight (Outdoor)
Shipping Weight (Indoor)
Shipping Weight (Outdoor)

*please note that product specs and features may vary per country, please check in store for more details.*