GEN2 EHS AC with World Class Efficiency, 7.1 kW


GEN2 EHS AC with World Class Efficiency, 7.1 kW Feel the power of cool air coming out from outlets that blend into the ceiling.
This powerful indoor unit, concealed behind the ceiling, will constantly provide you with
cool and warm air through multiple ducts, thanks to available variety of flexible installation options.
  • Capacity (Cooling,kW) : 6,8 kW
  • Power Consumption (Cooling,W) : 50 W
  • Noise Level (High/low) : 41/30 dBA

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GEN2 EHS AC with World Class Efficiency, 7.1 kW


  • Available variety of flexible installation options
  • Constantly provide cool and warm air
  • Easy to maintain
  • Wired remote controller included for convenient use of air conditioner

Easy To Maintain.

Easy To Maintain.
Parts are easily accessimble by simple opening the bottom pannel, which reduce time and maintaince costs. Reduce time and maintaince costs by keeping parts easily accessimble.

Flexible installation.

Flexible installation.
The air inlet can be set up on either the bottom or rear of the unit, so there is more flexibility in installation.

Smart Pressure Control.

Smart Pressure Control.
The smart Pressure Control System adjusts fan speed according to E.S.P(External Static Pressure), so the air conditioner always gives you consistent cooling and heating power regardless of the surrounding environment.

Easy Filter Cleaning

Easy Filter Cleaning
After 1,000 hours of operation the filter clean indicator will inform you that the filter should be cleand. The filter can be easily removed from the bottom, left, or right of the unit. (1,000 hours is the default set time, which can be adjusted to 2,000 hours on the internal PCB.)
High Lift-up Drain Pump (optional)

High Lift-up Drain Pump (optional)

The lift-up drain pump lifts condensed water up to 750mm, compared to the competitor’s 700mm, allowing for flexible and convenient installation.

Silent Operation with the staticpressure.

The external static pressure control makes it easy to design duct work to ensure efficiency and silent operation.
Wired remote controller.

Wired remote controller.

Wired remote controller is included for more convenient use of the air conditioner.

tech specs

Dimension of NH071NHXEA

Power Supply (Indoor Unit) [Φ, #, V, Hz]

  • Power Supply (Indoor Unit) [Φ, #, V, Hz]

    1 / 220 - 240 V / 50 Hz

Current Input (Nominal)

  • Cooling 1)

    0.3 A



  • Cooling [kW]

    7.1 kW


  • Type

    R410A(Fluorinated greenhouse gas)

External Dimension (Indoor Unit)

  • Net Weight(kg)

    13 kg

  • Net Dimensions (WxHxD) (mm)

    1099 x 315 x 217mm

External Dimension (Outdoor Unit)

  • Net Dimensions (WxHxD) (mm)

    1,137 x 377 x 299 mm