Dimension of GN642FFXD

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General Feature

spec view General Feature data
Grate Enamel  


spec view Performance data
Heating Element (Ceramic) Single (145mm, 1.2kw) No
Single (180mm, 1.8kw) No
Double (210/120mm,2.2kw) No
Oval (170 x 265mm, 2.4kw) No
Heating Element Power (Gas) Front Right 1
Front Left 1.75
Rear Right 1.75
Rear Left 3

Physical Specification

spec view Physical Specification data
Package (kg)   9.5
Packing size (W*H*D,mm)   650 x 575 x 147
Product dimension (W*H*D,mm)   710 x 163 x 640
Dimension Cutout (WxHxD) 560 x 490

General Information

spec view General Information data
Mode   4 Burners
Model Type Install   Built-in
Surface   STSS
Type Ceramic No
Gas Yes
Control Method   Front knob

*please note that product specs may vary per country, please check in store for more details.*