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The secret ingredient is steam

Get your meal just right with Real Steam Cooking (Steam only cook). Using the innovative steam generator, Real Steam Cooking (Steam only cook) delivers on these important details that make all the difference in creating an unforgettable meal. Real Steam Cooking (Steam only cook) is also a healthy way to roast and bake keeping fat and salt level low, and it prevents foods from drying out. Moreover, steam add cook makes your favourite food have a beautiful golden brown crust with crispy texture while keeping moisture inside.

Easy Water Input and Drainage

A simple system of water input and drainage lets you make steam cooks with convenience. There is a water drawer on the front of the oven so that you can add water for generating steam inside oven even during the steam cooking anytime, and by pressing a button you can simply drain the remaining water after cook.

*please note that product features may vary per country, please check in store for more details.*