The Samsung DMS300 dishwasher makes it possible for you to enjoy some peace and quiet while you’re doing dishes. The 6-layer insulation system reduces the sound level and the entire base is concealed with our Advanced Motor Sound Insulation system for added noise protection. You’ll also save time by eliminating the need for pre-rinsing, and its triple filtration system prevents residue build-up in the bottom of the dishwasher. Get cleaner dishes with the ENERGY STAR-rated DMS300 dishwasher from Samsung.

Different washes for different dishes.

Every dish is different and every meal leaves a different residue. So why clean everything the same way? Samsung has developed a system that offers you a variety of choices so that your dishes and glassware are optimally cleaned and cared for. Have precious crystal wine glasses that require a gentle touch? Or crusty pots that need a thorough wash? There’s an option for each. In fact, there are six options: normal, pots and pans, quick, pre-wash, crystal and eco. The power of choice is yours.

The dishwasher that gives peace – and quiet – a chance.

The kitchen is one of the noisiest rooms in the home. But it doesn’t have to be. Samsung turns the kitchen’s chief noisemaker into a gentle peacemaker. That’s because every component of a Samsung dishwasher – water pumps, flow meters, spray arms – is meticulously engineered to deliver the quietest, most advanced washing cycle possible. Thanks to this unique noise prevention design, you won’t have to talk over your dishwasher or turn your TV volume up ever again.

Cut your load in half and cut consumption.

If you only have half a load to wash or want to get a head start on cleaning up during the party instead of after, then Samsung’s Flex Load option is for you. You can run a half-load without using the water and energy required for a full load. Just utilise the upper half mode for your small appetiser and finger food dishes. After the party you can use the lower half mode to wash the big pots and pans used to make those big family recipes. By only using the mode you need, you cut your wash load in half, while cutting your consumption too.

An energy-efficient, eco-friendly super-cleaner.

This dishwasher is rated “AAA” for efficiency, with its amazing energy, cleaning and drying abilities. That’s because at Samsung, we know that getting dishes cleaner doesn’t rely on using more water or running longer. On the contrary, it’s about better engineering. The kind that produces cleaner dishes using only 13 liters of water and features an energy-saving condensation-enhanced drying system. The Samsung dishwasher saves water, energy, time and money without ever sacrificing strength.

Plus Zone for super clean.

You’ve just loaded the dishwasher and realise those pots and pans probably need a longer rinse, or those delicate wine glasses need to dry a bit longer. With Plus Zone you can conveniently lengthen your rinse and dry times as you see fit, to get the cleanest dishes possible.

Gets flexible when your dishes are sizeable.

A quick and simple height adjustment makes washing even your largest dishes easy. Whether its washing tall, delicate items like stemware or fitting a set of those new 14” plates beneath the top rack, this dishwasher accommodates all sizes with a tilted upper rack that can be adjusted up and down by two inches.

Fold-down flexibility.

You don’t cook the same meals every day, so you don’t use the same dishes everyday either. Samsung’s new blue cap 3-level tine holder lets you fold tines at an angle ideally suited to each dish. With tines that stretch 40mm longer than typical tines and convenient tine caps, adjusting them to your daily needs is a breeze.

Delivers clean from all directions.

Not satisfied with just clean, Samsung’s 6-way intensive power jet was designed to get your plates, pots, pans and silverware immaculate. That’s why it packs such a powerful cleaning punch. With holes pointed in six different directions, the Samsung dishwasher delivers a wash as full as it is powerful, so every square inch of your dishes sparkles.

Innovative 4 folds system filters out worry!

Tired of dishwashers not getting the job done? Samsung dishwashers get your dishes clean the first time around. Unlike other dishwashers that only have 3 stage filters, ours come with a 4 folds system to filter out all of the unwanted food particles. You’ll spend less time rewashing because food remnants don’t overstay their welcome.

Turn down the energy with the Eco option.

Running the dishwasher no longer means you have to waste water and energy. Samsung dishwashers let you be green with an Eco program option. It uses less electricity by washing at lower temperatures and uses less water per place setting. Staying clean just got more green.

7 Programmes, 5 Additional options inlcuding: Half load (upper or lower basket) / Delay start / Tablet detergent, Digital display, cycle progress indicators, Height adjustable top basket, 3 Spray arms