Better Energy Efficiency with Excellent Performance

12L water consumption

- Samsung Dishwasher is designed to optimise the use of water during washing cycle. It washes every corners of dishes with 12 liters of water which is 5 liters less than the conventional, but the 12 liters of water never compromises washing performance.
- Samsung Dishwasher uses new inner design technology to improve water efficiency than Conventional.

Auto program

- Samsung's Auto Wash cycle - make sure dishes get clean and minimises water and energy usage.
- The turbidity sensor senses food particles in the water and knows to stop when the rinse water is clean.

Better Energy Efficiency

Samsung dishwasher is ‘A+’ rated for energy efficiency, and ‘A’ rated for washing performance and drying efficiency. Get super-cleaner dishes with Samsung’s A+AA rated performance.

3 power nozzle

Intensive cleanliness with 3 nozzle.

*please note that product features may vary per country, please check in store for more details.*