Now available for your own kitchen, the top freezer refrigerator is unsurpassed in food freshness with the cutting edge technology and state of the art design you've come to expect from Samsung. The Samsung Cool Select Turbo is specifically designed to meet your needs, so keep your food fresh longer and enjoy well organised living.

Transformable freshness at the touch of a button.

A freezer in a fridge, Samsung’s innovative Coolselect Turbo is a customizable storage space designed to meet your specific food freshness needs at the touch of a button. It keeps your food fresh longer with three dynamic settings — Freeze Mode (-12C), Soft Freeze Mode (-5C), and Fresh Mode (3C).

Instant ice in just a twist.

Long gone are the days of cracking them from ice cube trays. Thanks to Samsung’s Twist IceMaker, getting ice cubes is easier than ever. A simple twist of a dial is all it takes. That’s right, even more convenience-based technology from the innovative minds at Samsung.

Optimal crispness guaranteed.

Samsung's exclusive Coolever Zone keeps the crisper climate perfect by employing a perfect-fit sealing design that ensures there are no inefficient gaps as well as conduction cooling technology that cools the container instead of blowing cool air directly into it, exposing vegetables to harsh temperatures that can cause damage. Not only is the Coolever Zone’s temperature always optimized, it also maintains the humidity level by automatically opening the sealing when the humidity rises.

Effective odor eliminator.

Samsung refrigerators feature a deodorizer that removes odor particles with a powerful filter. Unpleasant odors are effectively decomposed and deodorized so that opening the fridge door is never offensive or embarrassing. Every Samsung refrigerator is engineered to allow the fresh, fragrant scents of your favourite foods to define the environment behind the doors.

Multi Flow

Cooling air flows out throught multiple outlets at every shelf level and maintains even and constant temperature.

Tempered Glass Shelves

These shelves offer a clear view of the items stored and also support up to 150 kilograms with a newhigh-strength material.

Features & Specifications may vary per country and are subject to change without prior notification