Dimension of SC4580

Bullet view

Table view

Bullet view

Table view

Dust Collection

  • Bagless Hose Type


spec view Colour data
Dust Cover Sub vista blue  

Dust Collection

spec view Dust Collection data
Bag Bagless  
Dust Capacity 1.3  


spec view Performance data
Max Consumption Power 2,000  
Suction Power 350  
Noise Level 82  


spec view Brush data
Additional Brush Linen - Additional Brush > Linen: [No]
- Additional Brush > Linen: [No]
Power Pet Plus No
Floor Polisher No
Parquet Specialist No
Others No
Main Smart No
2-Step No
Universal Yes


spec view Filter data
Pre-Motor Micro Micro
Exhaust Micro Micro


spec view Accessory data
Crevice Yes  
Cyclone Filter No  
Dusting Yes  
Upholstery No  
Elbow Connection No  
Others - Accessory > Others: [N/A]
- Features > Others: [N/A]

Basic Feature

spec view Basic Feature data
Filter Check Electronic No
Pipe Telescopic AL No
Telescopic Steel - Pipe > 2-Piece: [Yes]
- Pipe > Steel Telescopic: [No]
Power Control Body Variable No
Handle Control - Power Control > IR Handle Control: [No]
- Power Control > Slide Handle Control: [No]
Power Cord Length   6
Action Radius   9.2
360 Swivel Hose   No
Auto Cord Rewinder   Yes
Rubber Wheel   No
Furniture Guard   No


spec view Box data
Yellow COLOUR  

Special Feature

spec view Special Feature data
Silver Nano No  
Digital Signal No  
LED Display No  
Auto Mode No  
Bionizer™ No  
UV Lamp No  

Logistic Specification

spec view Logistic Specification data
Loading Quantity 20ft 580 / 1,220
Weight Net 4.3kg
Package 6.8kg
Dimension Net (WxHxD) 310 x 316 x 502mm
Gross (WxHxD) 310 x 502 x 316mm
Dust Collection
Dust Collection

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