SU67 Dual Brush System

The Petz Plus is designed for more efficient pet hair removing by dual brush system. In the innovative dual brush system, one drum scrapes pet hairs and makes them in balls and another drum picks them up with dust particles from the floor to suck up. As a result, It enables more efficient and specialized pet hair pickup ability than conventional upright’s drum.

SU67 Easy to Empty

The ergonomic exterior offers quick and hygienic disposal with a simple touch of a button Separate mainframe dust bin and by pressing the lever, contents are directly emptied. A far cleaner, easier and more hygienic way to dispose dust bin waste.

SU67 Cord rewind

Auto cord rewind function sets you free from a labor of winding cord. For the starting of vacuuming, pull out the plug and cord as long as you are using and simply push the cord rewind button to retract the cord after vacuuming. As a result, it provides more convenience to users

*please note that product features may vary per country, please check in store for more details.*