The simplest touch can go a long way. Especially with the Samsung Genoa mobile phone. Using only a touch of your finger, you can easily and intuitively navigate Samsung Genoa’s simplified menus to access its amazing features. The wide range of incredible applications help connect you to a vast world, whether it’s social networking, web surfing, instant messaging or just listening to your music. With easy-to-access, ever-ready multimedia capabilities, snapping great photos and tuning into your favourite FM station make it that much handier. Or should we say, finger-friendly.

Easy & fun touch experience.

It’s all touch and go with the fun! Get simple and easy touch experience of Samsung Genoa. Finger-friendly Samsung Genoa keeps you out of the frustration zone with ease-to-access widgets and a simplified 3- page-expandable Home screen &main menu. Optimized widgets make you navigate to and through your favourite applications easier and faster than ever. And you can express your mood and unique personality through different theme options!

The finger-friendly way to connect to friends.

With Samsung Genoa’s cool quick linking capabilities, you get easy access to your favourite social networking sites such as facebook, myspace, photobucket, filckr, picasa and friendster. Thanks to its ultra-easy Quick Link widget bar, you don’t even have to navigate through menu screens. Just a touch and you’re ready to socialize. Connecting with your friends has never been this convenient.

A sweet-sounding suite of music features.

Sporting a 3.5mm ear-jack, you can now use your own favourite headphones to check out the amazing musical experience delivered via Samsung’s innovative Digital Natural Sound engine (DNSe). Your listening pleasure is accentuated with cool features like 25-hour playtime, a microSD for up to 8GB of added music storage and FM radio.

Multi Instant Messengers.

Want to text or leave a voice message? Samsung Genoa’s cool Multi-Instant Messengers let you keep up with your best friends all the time. Just enjoy conversation on Google Talk, ICQ, and AIM through preloaded Palringo platform. Also, you can connect to your friends through Bluetooth Messenger.

Camera & Video Recording

You don’t need a camcorder or your digital camera to capture priceless moments. The Samsung Genoa’s video recorder and 1.3MP camera lets you capture memories on the spot, no matter where or when they happen.

Google Search & Email

With the Samsung Genoa, you’re no longer tethered to your PC. The Samsung Genoa lets you use Google Search and send and receive emails wherever you are, whenever you want.

*please note that product features may vary per country, please check in store for more details.*