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GT-P5210 Front White

Samsung Galaxy Tab3 10.1 (WiFi)

N GT-P5210ZWAXFA GT-P5210 Samsung Galaxy Tab3 10.1 (WiFi) #ffffff$S2-Thumbnail$$S2-Thumbnail$$XXS-Gallery$$XXS-Gallery$$XXS-Gallery$$XXS-Gallery$$M-Gallery$$M-Gallery$$M-Gallery$$M-Gallery$ GT-P5210 Front White GT-P5210 Standard GT-P5210 Right Perspective white GT-P5210 Left Perspective white 28073474 28073486 28073416 28073429 #ffffff$M-Gallery$ GT-P5210 Front White 5.0 Rating is 5 out of 5 stars /africa_en/consumer/mobile-phone/mobile-phone/tablet/GT-P5210ZWAXFA-reviews/consumer-reviews 2 0 /africa_en/consumer/mobile-phone/mobile-phone/tablet/GT-P5210ZWAXFA sentence The Samsung Galaxy Tab3 is packed with features designed to give you a chance to relax, to connect and engage with family, to keep you entertained, and to offer new conveniences in everyday life. It works a lot like your Galaxy smartphone, so there’s nothing new to learn. Just start having fun. product sub type:quick view N

GT-I9295 Front Blue

Galaxy S4 Active

N GT-I9295ZBAXFA GT-I9295 Galaxy S4 Active #3355e7$S2-Thumbnail$$S2-Thumbnail$$XXS-Gallery$$XXS-Gallery$$XXS-Gallery$$XXS-Gallery$$M-Gallery$$M-Gallery$$M-Gallery$$M-Gallery$ GT-I9295 Front Blue GT-I9295 Back Blue GT-I9295 Right blue GT-I9295 Right Perspective blue 27465575 27465582 27465591 27465600 #777777$S2-Thumbnail$$S2-Thumbnail$$XXS-Gallery$$XXS-Gallery$$XXS-Gallery$$XXS-Gallery$$M-Gallery$$M-Gallery$$M-Gallery$$M-Gallery$ GT-I9295 Front gray GT-I9295 Back gray GT-I9295 Right gray GT-I9295 Left gray 27465724 27465733 27465744 27465754 #f6990d$S2-Thumbnail$$S2-Thumbnail$$XXS-Gallery$$XXS-Gallery$$XXS-Gallery$$XXS-Gallery$$M-Gallery$$M-Gallery$$M-Gallery$$M-Gallery$ GT-I9295 Front Orange GT-I9295 Back orange GT-I9295 Right orange GT-I9295 Right Perspective orange 27465684 27465693 27465704 27465714 #3355e7,#777777,#f6990d$M-Gallery$ GT-I9295 Front Blue 5.0 Rating is 5 out of 5 stars /africa_en/consumer/mobile-phone/mobile-phone/smart-phone/GT-I9295ZBAXFA-reviews/consumer-reviews 1 0 /africa_en/consumer/mobile-phone/mobile-phone/smart-phone/GT-I9295ZBAXFA sentence • Protection from Dust, Water
• Flagship Experience with all intelligent features of the original GALAXY S4
• Smart health advisor on your phone
product sub type:quick view N

GT-S7710 Front Silver

Galaxy XCover 2

N GT-S7710TAAXFA GT-S7710 Galaxy XCover 2 #dbdbdb$S2-Thumbnail$$S2-Thumbnail$$XXS-Gallery$$XXS-Gallery$$XXS-Gallery$$XXS-Gallery$$M-Gallery$$M-Gallery$$M-Gallery$$M-Gallery$ GT-S7710 Front Silver GT-S7710 Back Silver GT-S7710 Right Silver GT-S7710 Left Silver 23141147 23141073 23141079 23141090 #dbdbdb$M-Gallery$ GT-S7710 Front Silver 5.0 Rating is 5 out of 5 stars /africa_en/consumer/mobile-phone/mobile-phone/smart-phone/GT-S7710TAAXFA-reviews/consumer-reviews 1 0 /africa_en/consumer/mobile-phone/mobile-phone/smart-phone/GT-S7710TAAXFA sentence • Be protected from water, dust and more
• Enjoy powerful performance and a 4” touchscreen
• Use the Android 4.1 Jelly Bean operating system
• Navigate with superior GPS and Google Maps
product sub type:quick view N

GT-N7100 Front White

Samsung Galaxy Note II

N GT-N7100RWXXFA GT-N7100 Samsung Galaxy Note II #ffffff$S2-Thumbnail$$S2-Thumbnail$$XXS-Gallery$$XXS-Gallery$$XXS-Gallery$$XXS-Gallery$$M-Gallery$$M-Gallery$$M-Gallery$$M-Gallery$ GT-N7100 Front White GT-N7100 Right Angle White GT-N7100 Right Angle White GT-N7100 Right Angle White 13798333 13798352 13798394 13798402 #ffffff$M-Gallery$ GT-N7100 Front White 4.857 Rating is 4.9 out of 5 stars /africa_en/consumer/mobile-phone/mobile-phone/galaxy-note/GT-N7100RWXXFA-reviews/consumer-reviews 14 0 /africa_en/consumer/mobile-phone/mobile-phone/galaxy-note/GT-N7100RWXXFA sentence • Perfecting all viewing experiences on the Large & Vivid Display, ergonomically designed for an easy grip
• Experience the industry's top performing features in one place powered by Android 4.1 Jelly Bean 3,100mAh long-lasting battery
• Air View saves you time, energy, and makes it easier to manage your life’s contents
product sub type:quick view N

GT-P7300/AM16 Front

Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.9

N GT-P7300FKAXFA GT-P7300/AM16 Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.9 default$S2-Thumbnail$$S2-Thumbnail$$XXS-Gallery$$XXS-Gallery$$XXS-Gallery$$XXS-Gallery$$M-Gallery$$M-Gallery$$M-Gallery$$M-Gallery$ GT-P7300/AM16 Front GT-P7300/AM16 Left Angle GT-P7300/AM16 Right GT-P7300/AM16 Back 2109093 8373019 8373020 8373021 default$M-Gallery$ GT-P7300/AM16 Front 4.75 Rating is 4.8 out of 5 stars /africa_en/consumer/mobile-phone/mobile-phone/tablet/GT-P7300FKAXFA-reviews/consumer-reviews 4 0 /africa_en/consumer/mobile-phone/mobile-phone/tablet/GT-P7300FKAXFA sentence GT-P7300/AM16 product sub type:quick view N

GT-I9300 Front

Samsung Galaxy S III

N GT-I9300RWDXFA GT-I9300 Samsung Galaxy S III #ffffff$S2-Thumbnail$$S2-Thumbnail$$XXS-Gallery$$XXS-Gallery$$XXS-Gallery$$XXS-Gallery$$M-Gallery$$M-Gallery$$M-Gallery$$M-Gallery$ GT-I9300 Front GT-I9300 Right Angle GT-I9300 Right Angle GT-I9300 Right 4723189 8372990 8372991 8372992 #3355e7$S2-Thumbnail$$S2-Thumbnail$$XXS-Gallery$$XXS-Gallery$$XXS-Gallery$$XXS-Gallery$$M-Gallery$$M-Gallery$$M-Gallery$$M-Gallery$ GT-I9300 Front Blue GT-I9300 Right Angle Blue GT-I9300 Right Angle Blue GT-I9300 Right Blue 9853483 9853499 9853508 9853524 #fb0b0c$S2-Thumbnail$$S2-Thumbnail$$XXS-Gallery$$XXS-Gallery$$XXS-Gallery$$M-Gallery$$M-Gallery$$M-Gallery$ GT-I9300 Front Red GT-I9300 Right angle Red GT-I9300 Back Red 12529386 12529493 12529575 #ffffff,#3355e7,#fb0b0c$M-Gallery$ GT-I9300 Front 4.712 Rating is 4.7 out of 5 stars /africa_en/consumer/mobile-phone/mobile-phone/smart-phone/GT-I9300RWDXFA-reviews/consumer-reviews 52 0 /africa_en/consumer/mobile-phone/mobile-phone/smart-phone/GT-I9300RWDXFA sentence • Superior performance smartphone with quad core processor and HD Super AMOLED screen.
• World’s first humanly intelligent smartphone- it recognises your face, voice, eye contact and motion
• Largest “sharing technology” ecosystem
product sub type:quick view N

GT-P5100 Samsung P5100

Samsung Galaxy Tab2 10.1

N GT-P5100TSAXFA GT-P5100 Samsung Galaxy Tab2 10.1 default$S2-Thumbnail$$S2-Thumbnail$$XXS-Gallery$$XXS-Gallery$$XXS-Gallery$$XXS-Gallery$$M-Gallery$$M-Gallery$$M-Gallery$$M-Gallery$ GT-P5100 Samsung P5100 GT-P5100 Back GT-P5100 Right GT-P5100 Right 15 Angle 7946317 9725403 9725404 9725405 default$M-Gallery$ GT-P5100 Samsung P5100 4.588 Rating is 4.6 out of 5 stars /africa_en/consumer/mobile-phone/mobile-phone/tablet/GT-P5100TSAXFA-reviews/consumer-reviews 17 0 /africa_en/consumer/mobile-phone/mobile-phone/tablet/GT-P5100TSAXFA sentence • Enjoy all your multimedia entertainment easily
• Connect with Google+ Hangouts and on ChatON
• Use Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich operating system
• Do it fast thanks to powerful 1GHz Dual Core processor
product sub type:quick view N

GT-N8000 Front White

Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1

N GT-N8000ZWEXFA GT-N8000 Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 #ffffff$S2-Thumbnail$$S2-Thumbnail$$XXS-Gallery$$XXS-Gallery$$XXS-Gallery$$XXS-Gallery$$M-Gallery$$M-Gallery$$M-Gallery$$M-Gallery$ GT-N8000 Front White GT-N8000 Right Angle White GT-N8000 Right Angle White GT-N8000 Right Angle White 11536924 11536932 11536944 11536954 #ffffff$M-Gallery$ GT-N8000 Front White 4.462 Rating is 4.5 out of 5 stars /africa_en/consumer/mobile-phone/mobile-phone/tablet/GT-N8000ZWEXFA-reviews/consumer-reviews 13 0 /africa_en/consumer/mobile-phone/mobile-phone/tablet/GT-N8000ZWEXFA sentence Push the boundaries on what you view and create on the new Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1. With the innovative S Pen you can express creative ideas and increase productivity like never before. product sub type:quick view N

GT-B5330 Front White

Galaxy Ch@t

N GT-B5330ZWAXFA GT-B5330 Galaxy Ch@t #ffffff$S2-Thumbnail$$S2-Thumbnail$$XXS-Gallery$$XXS-Gallery$$XXS-Gallery$$XXS-Gallery$$M-Gallery$$M-Gallery$$M-Gallery$$M-Gallery$ GT-B5330 Front White GT-B5330 Left Angle White GT-B5330 Left Angle White GT-B5330 Right White 12875182 12875635 12875783 12875849 #ffffff$M-Gallery$ GT-B5330 Front White 4.364 Rating is 4.4 out of 5 stars /africa_en/consumer/mobile-phone/mobile-phone/smart-phone/GT-B5330ZWAXFA-reviews/consumer-reviews 11 0 /africa_en/consumer/mobile-phone/mobile-phone/smart-phone/GT-B5330ZWAXFA sentence • 3” Full Touch Screen for easier viewing
• Fast & powerful performance
• 2MP Camera
• Rich social and multimedia apps to maximise your on-the-go time
product sub type:quick view N

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