Connect and share wirelessly for double the fun



Connect and share wirelessly for double the fun

Connect your TV and AirTrack easily through Bluetooth to gain better sound with SoundShare. The absence of trailing wires between the AirTrack and TV allows you to showcase the slim and sleek design of both systems, while maintaining a clean look in your living environment. Easily control the AirTrack and TV from a single TV remote. You can simultaneously turn on and manage the volume of your TV and AirTrack with Bluetooth or HDMI connectivity.

* SoundShare is only available for select Samsung 3D TVs.
[2013] LED Series 6,400 or higher and PDP Series 5,500 or higher.
[2012] LED Series [ ] or higher and PDP Series 550 or higher.

• Local teams please refer below for the 2012 LED TV list and to fill in the blank.
. 6,500 (USA, Canada)
. 6,350 (Korea)
. 6,100 (Europe, CIS, China, Hong Kong, Taiwan)
. 6,200 (MEA, Africa, SWA, SEA, Australia (AU&NZ), Singapore)

Slim design that appeals to your senses

Get a speaker that matches your style and complements your home. The Samsung AirTrack suits any home entertainment layout. Its stunningly slim metal design perfectly complements the premium design of a Samsung TV. The AirTrack is simple to setup and maintain since no wires are required. Its wireless convenience creates a neat, clean and elegant look for your entertainment environment.

3D Sound Plus

3D Sound Plus, Samsung’s unique sound processing technology, combines its latest advancements in sound, 3D depth Sound and Horizontal Surround, to deliver a more realistic 3D experience for a truly heart-pounding, immersive adventure.

Experience the richness of bass sounds

Combine the simplicity of the AirTrack with the thunderous bass sound quality to give you a truly enriching sound environment. The supersonic sub-woofer that accompanies Samsung’s AirTrack adds dynamic and rich bass levels to your listening experience. Its wire-free design makes it easy to set up and to adjust around the room to give you the best bass effect. Increase the potential of your sound experience with the wireless AirTrack.


HDMI ARC (Audio Return Channel) allows you to easily connect compatible devices to process the TV’s audio signal without a separate optical cable to your receiver. Two HDMI inputs keep your AV devices connected with fewer cables for a totally new audio experience.


Bluetooth is the new way of connecting device to device wirelessly. Samsung audio system is equipped with Bluetooth, it can connect with compatible portable devices wirelessly. Listen to music using your portable music player or even cellular phone without connecting wires.

*please note that product features may vary per country, please check in store for more details.*